Winning GDI Lottery

Winning the GDI Lottery from GDI Premium Bonus

Global Domains International Inc – GDI recently launched the new premium member service known as GDI Premium.

It is an option upgrade from the standard GDI membership with many extra bonus and features that has been discussed in our post on GDI Premium and GDI Premium Review

Apart from the WEEKLY $100 bonus for EVERY 5 signups, GDI Premium members also stand a chance to win the GDI Lottery where Three GDI Premium members will be selected randomly DAILY to qualify for receiving signups from GDI own website Traffic.

GDI Premium Lottery

For more information, you may read the email notice we received on winning the GDI Premium Lottery below:


You won our daily Premium Lottery drawing! Every day three GDI Premium members win FREE signups for the next day.

Every day people sign up for GDI without a sponsor. They find GDI through search engines, or by word of mouth, but aren’t referred by anyone directly. With help from a supportive sponsor, they can experience the full potential of GDI, and help a downline grow! To get them to a supportive sponsor, we randomly select three GDI Premium customers each day, and allocate the sponsorless signups on a round-robin basis. There’s no telling exactly how many signups there will be; it varies daily. You will receive email notices tomorrow for each signup placed under you.

Remember, the best way to grow your downline is to support them! Be sure to contact your new signups, and let them know you’re there and willing to help.

Kindest Regards,

The GDI Support Team

Please Note: Signups you are given from the GDI Premium Lottery do not count towards the bonus contest, since they are not personally referred by you. You will receive normal commissions for domain purchases and premium purchases if the signups convert to paid members.


Excited? Join Global Domains International now for Free and upgrade (optional) to GDI Premium to take advantage of the bonuses, lottery and more advance features as a GDI Premium member.

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