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GDI Member of Direct Selling Association

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

totally metformin anti aging prescription Global Domains International is a member of the Direct Selling Associaltion

misoprostol 600 mg price tender-heartedly For Ethics, Trust & Confidence

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buy dapoxetine online The Waukesha prednisolone 5mg tablet price Direct Selling Association (DSA) is the national trade association of the leading firms that manufacture and distribute goods and services sold directly to consumers. More than 200 companies are members of the association, including many well-known brand names.

The Association’s mission is “To protect, serve and promote the effectiveness of member companies and the independent business people they represent. To ensure that the marketing by member companies of products and/or the direct sales opportunity is conducted with the highest level of business ethics and service to consumers.”

The cornerstone of the Association’s commitment to ethical business practices and consumer service is its Code of Ethics. Every member company pledges to abide by the Code’s standards and procedures as a condition of admission and continuing membership in the Association. Global Domains International, Inc. (GDI) is part of the Direct Selling Association (DSA) for ethics, trust and confidence.

Global Domains International Inc GDI member of Direct Selling Association DSA