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Tissa Godavitarne GDI Leaderboards

Saturday, January 3rd, 2009

How Tissa Godavitarne Earn Thousands in GDI Weekly Leaderboard Bonus

Tissa Godavitarne has been consistently appearing in Global Domains Leaderboard for over 8 months earning more than USD50.000 in GDI Bonuses!

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What is GDI Leaderboard

Global Domains International conduct weekly bonuses for members who participate in the program. It is a way GDI motivate its members to market GDI and grow their downline. If you are already a GDI member, you can log into your GDI members area and click under:

Leaderboards -> Weekly Potential Leaderboards / Weekly Confirmed Leaderboards

You will then see the names of GDI members who participate in this bonus program and how well they are doing with the number of sign ups in the 7 days period with the total bonus they earned.

For every 5 new sign ups, member achieved, GDI compensate and give Bonus of US$100. The more sign ups a member achieve, the more bonus he/she will receive.

Tissa Godavitarne on GDI Leaderboard

You may notice that there are many members on the GDI leaderboard weekly earning hundreds of dollars in bonuses (excluding GDI residual income) including, Mark Allen, Stone Evans, Scott Whitwam. BUT the amazing thing is that Tissa Godavitarne keeps appearing on the top 3 positions of the leaderboards with tens or hundreds of sign ups every week earning hundreds and thousands more in bonuses apart from his GDI monthly residual income.