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GDI Virtual Live Agent Increase Sales

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

Have you noticed a Virtual Live Agent pops up when you try to exit Global Domains International websites?

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This is a recent addition to the tools provided to help you with promoting your Global Domains International business. This kind of web feature has proven to improved website conversion, meaning that it has proven to increase sales or sign ups from visitors to your websites.

This improved feature is very much welcome by all GDI affiliates including myself as our sign up rates have improved drastically since the feature went live this month.

If you have not noticed the feature, try going to any of your GDI websites such as Website WS or Freedom WS, click on exit or try to close the current window and you will see the virtual live agent pops up, giving an option for visitor to chat with the live agent. Try it for yourself and you will see how it works.

You will be glad to know that this virtual live agent feature is built in to your provided ready made GDI websites FREE of charge. I have purchased a similar script for $197 before and is very much pleased that this is automatically built into our GDI websites. You can see the script I purchased – Virtual Smart Agent here

gdi virtual smart agent

I have even added this feature to this website, so dont be surprised when you try to exit from here 🙂