Make full use of Global Domains International

This is just a reminder to all GDI affiliates or members.

Many GDI members get caught up with promoting Global Domains International and totally forgot to make full use of the GDI features that come with the package, which is the domain, hosting and website builder.

Since GDI already provided you with ready made websites with your affiliate links embeded for you to promote the GDI system, why not use the domain and hosting provided to build your own personal hobby site? or business site?

Yes, you can build a separate website since the GDI affiliate websites provided are “ready made” and auto generated for you when you join that does not take up the hosting space.

You can then include your GDI links to the GDI websites in your personal website. You can even include GDI banners in your website. Here are some samples of GDI banners in gif, you can get others or even the flash versions if you prefer in the members area.


Global Domains International

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When your visitor comes to your website, they will see your GDI link and/or your banners, click on them and they will be introduced to Global Domains International for the videos to sell itself. This is what sales people like to call “Soft Selling”

Here are Some tips to make your link more prominent so that your visitors will not miss them:

Use attractive Text Words as your links to attract visitors to click on them like, here are a few examples you can base on, be imaginative:

  • Click Here to Earn Residual Income
  • Your Own Website With Auto Income
  • Why Domain Name are Important
  • Dont be Left Behind in the Internet Era
  • Powered by $$$ Website $$$

You can also write your own texts based on the theme of your website like:

  • A Hobby Site That Makes Money
  • Let Your Cat Website Make Money for You

You can use the following simple html code to make a link, just replace it with Your URL and Your Text:

<a href=””>Your Text</a>

This is the code to use for adding image and link to your website:

<a href=””><img src=””></a>By doing that, you can in fact achieve 2 objectives at once. Have you ow personal hobby site and earn residual income at the same time.

Enjoy your Earnings and Hobby 🙂

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