Learn about the GDI movies.

Learning more about Global Domains International: the GDI movies.
By: Alastair Harris

Global Domains International is a company that has the right to the top level .ws domain names. This is combined with a hosting package with inbuilt site editor, templates, email addresses and more. Many people just join Global Domains International for the GDI website (the product/service) alone.

Others however join for the business opportunity. Every person, group, business you introduce to Global Domains International mean another $1 each month recurring for you. The real power in the network system is then every person they introduce means another $1 for you, every month recurring, down to five levels and if you have 5000 down line members – to infinity. This means 60% of revenue is returned to you. In fact if you add in bonuses the return can be even higher. There are people earning a 6 figure income from GDI.

The main way people grow their Global Domains International business is to invite people to view the 7 minute movie on GDI which explains what the business opportunity is all about. Its best viewed on the internet with a high speed connection like broadband or better. The movie is “income for life”.

Affiliates brand the movie by adding their username – so the URL looks like

The movie outlines the business opportunity, the power of duplication and ‘sales’ pitch. The movie goes on to talk about the integrity of the company – its huge growth rate – 37th fastest growing company, the huge growth in the internet, the requirement for domain names and the growing demand for personal websites for personal use, small business, resumes, clubs, churches, temples, sporting groups and more. It then explains what a domain address/name is and that GDI has the rights to the .ws domain endings (rebranded as website). Why you should start straight away – so you don’t miss the growing internet wave. It then explains the cost – $10 a month and the way you make money.

Some people like the first movie but still have further questions. There is also a 25 minute presentation. Originally created as a giveaway DVD for marketing purpose the 25 minute presentation is now online.

The URL for affiliate is http://www.freedom.ws/USERNAME/show_dvd

This presentation goes into more details and gives some personal testimonies from people who are already successful with Global Domains International.

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