How do I know if I have Sign ups at GDI from my downlines?

Here is a screen shot of part of my email account ( 1-20 out of hundreds ) that shows the recent emails I received from GDI WS – Global Domains International.

You will receive emails from GDI as “WS Affiliates” which notify you for any sign ups below you – up to level 5 below your line. See the yellow highlight of sign ups from my downlines. So you will know of every sign ups below you. Of course, you can also see all your downlines in your GDI admin/members area.

gdi ws affiliates

You can also see from the screen shot that I receive emails for every prospect that watched the video presentation at one of my GDI website ( which you will also receive when you sign up ). The emails notify you so that you can follow up with your prospects for any questions that they may have about GDI.

Hence I strongly suggest that you direct your prospects to the My.Ws video presentation website for more effective sign ups, as there will also be an automatic follow-up email that sends your prospects a Free Network Marketing Report. ( Note: You will only receive this notification for your own prospects, not for prospects below your level. This is to protect the privacy of your downlines’ prospects)

So here you go, does this answers your questions?

By the way, if you forget where and how to log in to your members area… it is

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