Global Domains International Tips Launched

Welcome to Global Domains International Tips:

I am officially launching today 16 October 2007 to my members.

I have been busy setting up this website especially for you and all my members. I hope you will be able to make full use of it.

You see, I have been thinking of how my members can benefit from my online expertise and an idea came to me.
I have been receiving traffic to my site Global Domains International Scam . Then, I thought how can I share this benefit with my members. So I thought, why not I build a site where my members can post their GDI links to, and the idea just grew. I wanted the site to not only enefit my downlines but also the visitors that come by everyday.
1. They are looking for information and
2. They are looking for real people to answer their questions,
3. They want to know the real members

As GDI is not only about sending emails to your close friends, that wouldnt go very far, hence you should try to promote
to a wider audience, there are billions online, and dont forget offline too. Hence we only need to market and let them know of this opportunity.

I understand, not many of you know much about internet marketing so here you are, this is one source of traffic and resource I am sharing with you that you can benefit from.

I have even made it easy for you. I use wordpress for this site and should be easy to use “point and click”
This site “Global Domains International Tips” has just been launched today, so it may take a bit of time to get more traffic. However, I have linked this site from my traffic site so, it will benefit and I will promote this site to generate more traffic.

When visitors land on this site, I have pointed them to select and join with my members so let them know why they should join under you! The more pages you posts, the more active visitors see you and the more they will sign up under you. (please only post quality information that will benefit our visitors, or else it will only make you look bad)

New members that signed up under my members will all qualify to use this website and will automatically be sent a password to register. Please read the About and Members pages on the top bar to lear more on how you can benefit and guidelines on how to post.

When you receive your password in your email, you will be ble to change it inside the members area. Its Free to register
of course but please do not share the link with others except your downlines.

When you get inside the members area, simply click on “write” posts and write your stuff, enter a category and click on the
appropriate “tags” I have prepared for you. Read more in “members”

You may also send your prospects to the pages you created to see your profile.
As you can see that I keep stressing in all my pages that I urge people to sign up under my members and those that send them to this site. This will benefit everyone

Post as many pages as you like with your GDI links. Please read the guideline though in “gdi-members” and dont misuse
what I have created to benefit you.

I will be announcing this site to my prospects on Friday, so you have some time to post up your profile to promote to them.

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