Global Domains International Scam

Global Domains International Scam or Money Making Opportunities?

Global Domains International inc also known as GDI has exclusive license agreement to distribute the dot WS domains (.WS) which is their main offer to customers.

But GDI has actually developed a Multi Level Marketing Strategy to distribute and market these domains. The strategy has worked well which offers huge potential incomes to members with minimum work and technical knowledge of the internet.

The GDI system actually combines multi – level – marketing (network marketing) with internet marketing which I think is pure genius. Robert Allen of “Multiple Streams of Income” actually stated in his book that “network marketing” and “internet marketing” are two profitable and easy streams of income. Now Global Domains International actually combined these two streams into one allowing members to participate in network marketing with internet marketing on complete automation.

The beauty of the GDI system is that there is actually no selling on your part. The video presentations they provided are pursuasive enough, in other words, the videos will actually sell for you. All you need to do is just sending the emails provided to close friends, relatives, or even in forums to direct people to watch the videos.

And best thing of all, it is the cheapest network marketing and internet marketing business venture you can ever find with potential highest return on investment. You can check out using the calculator provided in the main GDI website. According to calculations, if you can find 5 people and the 5 people in turn finds 5 people, you have a potential earnings of $3.905 per month! Now that’s the power of network marketing and I am sure you will agree that with an investment of only $10 a month, you will never find another income opportunity with this kind of low risk and high returns.

Now, will the product sells? We know that the internet has become an important part of our lives, and I cant stress enough that in time (maximum 5 years from now) we all need a domain name, a website and a personal email address. With dot coms all running out, the only good alternative is dot WS (WS stands for website). The videos explain really well.

Ok, so is Global Domains International a Scam?

Would you call Amway, Nu Skin and all the multi level companies out there a scam? These companies including Global Domains International are built on the same business model – network marketing. The only difference of GDI is that it is cheaper and easier to start with as the system are all on automation over the internet. When you pay your subscription of $10 a month to GDI, you also get a domain name, a website, site builder, email addresses not to mention the income opportunity system and the advance email systems they provide you to manage your downlines.

Some, may argue that you can get domains at $8.95 a year and hosting for $3.95 a month. But do not forget that you are not provided with a residual income building opportunity that pays you every month. Hey, you may also wonder, GDI only pays $1 per signups, that’s really too little for your effort, but dont forget you are paid 5 levels! Try out the potential income with the calculator provided at the bottom page of GDI main website You only need 10 signups in any of the 5 levels to break even!

Oh by the way, you are also given 4 ready made websites with your name already embedded to start your GDI business. How easy is that! You dont even need to learn a single HTML to start with! Check out the four websites provided:

1. Global Domain International Main Website

2. Freedom Website

3. My WS website – Cool Video Presentation

4. DVD Presentation

In the members area, you can check out your uplines and downlines, your earnings and top earners!

In conclusion, is Global Domain International Scam?


One word of advice though, like every domain companies, GDI will try to upsell you more domains at $10 each which you do not need as you can domains as cheap as $6.95. Just pay $10 for the system and you should do fine.
You have to watch the really cool video and see for yourself, you are also entitled to a 7 day FREE Trial!

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