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Global Domains International Tips ( GDI-T) is built with a mission to:

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Global Domains International

If this is the first time you have heard about Global Domains International / GDI and would like to know more about the business, you can Watch the inspiring 7 Minute Video that explains what GDI is or visit the main GDI website for more corporate information and FAQ.

This website GlobalDomainsInternationalTips.com is more about providing tips on how to promote your GDI business and grow your passive residual income stream.

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Briefly About Global Domains International

GDI is a domain and hosting company with exclusive rights to market and sell the .WS domains. At the same time GDI provides customers with an opportunity to earn passive residual income using their recruiting or affiliate system.

Since GDI pays affiliates for any sign-ups up to 5 uni levels down, it can be said to be a network marketing or using a “multi-level-marketing” business model. This makes GDI becomes attractive to any customers to promote its products and systems all over the world.

The great part about GDI is that it combines its internet marketing expertise with network marketing system, creating a powerful automatic way to build its business. Customers can use the products and services of GDI and at the same time promote GDI with the provided easy to use system – including ready made websites (provided), videos and automatic email marketing system. The 7 minute video explains the system really well and will sell the system without customers having to do the selling.

Customers or Affiliates can choose to actively promote GDI or simply add the GDI link in the websites to promote GDI passively.

You will also notice that GDI is widely known. There are over 2000 people per month searching for the word “Global Domains International” in Overture Keyword Research. This proves that there is a huge potential for GDI as Overture is only based on Yahoo searches. It is said that Google searches will be 10 times of Yahoo, which means approximately 20.000 searches per month in Google and we have not even taken into account of MSN and hundreds of other search engines.

There is a huge opportunity to promote GDI since it can also be marketed to prospects looking for opportunities in “network marketing”, “multi-level-marketing”, “online business opportunities”, “home business” and many other work at home business seekers. Active affiliates can approach GDI in this way.

Of course, due to the amount of internet scams nowadays, some people may have doubt about the legitamacy of GDI and if GDI will pay up. This should not be a concern as from personal experience, GDI pays its affiliates including myself monthly without any delay. You can choose to receive commissions by checks or direct transfer to your PayPal account. With a 7 Day NO RISK FREE TRIAL offer, customers can try out the system without any risks.

And for only $10 a month, it is the Cheapest Franchise Business anyone can own with the Highest Return on Investment anyone can imagine. Not to forget, you are not only buying the system as customers are provided with:

  1. A Domain Name of your Choice
  2. Web Hosting for your own personal or business website
  3. Email Accounts of your Domain for you to use professionally

Customers can use these to build their own personal or business website or build a GDI-based website.

The provided Marketing System to help You Sell are:

  1. 6 custom URL that comes with Ready Made Turnkey Websites with your name and contact that you can use to promote.
  2. The 7 Minute Flash Video Presentation that Sells itself
  3. Banners and Links for you to use in your websites
  4. Automatic Email marketing system for you to send off your emails automatically
  5. Automatic Email Auto-responders that follow up with your prospects automatically and help you sell

To make things clear. GDI is NOT a “get rich quick” scheme. Anyone or any product that promises you to get rich overnight “is” a true scam.

GDI provides a ready system to help you make money online without having to learn the nitty gritty of the technicals of internet marketing (just like a franchise system).

GDI provides a system for you to build passive residual and regular income in a long term. As you grow your downlines, so does your income.


GDI is NOT a GET RICH QUICK system. (there is none is this world)

GDI is about Building Monthly Residual Income for Life

The difference between income and residual income?

Income is what you receive when you work, then you work for more and more and more… and then… income STOPS when you STOP working

Residual Income?

It is when you work, work, work and work for more… and then… it CONTINUES to flow in EVEN when YOU stop working.

Are you ready to build your own residual passive income for your retirement?

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