GDI ws Thailand Climbing Up The Boards

GDI ws Thailand Climbing Up The Boards

I want to show you this interesting leaderboard from the members area. GDI holds competition and bonuses every week to reward the highest referrers. Here you can see a recent snapshot of the leaderboards. Can you see several Thai names? I was surprised to see them too as we dont see many Asians countries participating in this kind of network internet marketing programs.

What surprised me was that Thai’s are not fluent in English unlike its neighboring countries of Singapore and Malaysia. This just proved that the business model works – even to a non-English speaking country. Language has no barriers any longer when you are online.

The leaderboard show GDI paying up to $800 to the winners according to the number of referrers in a given week. Many who referred only 5 in the particular week also receive $100 each. Remember, these are bonuses and not their net income. The net income is $1 multiply by each member under your dowlines all the way down to 5 levels!

There is also a weekly competition with bonuses of up to $800 for top referers. Check out this screenshot taken from the members area. Remember, these are not net earnings of the referrers but are their BONUS for the week!

If you are a Thai, and are more comfortable asking your questions in Thai, then you may want to visit one of my Thai downlines who will help explain the GDI system in Thai to you. The websites are also in Thai…

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