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Global Domains International Inc has just added new features to its product offer. Now you can create your own blogs or websites using the GDI plugins provided in the members area. Apart from the ready made websites that GDI provide you to market the GDI product offer, members can now create their own basic or complex websites using the five most popular site builders including:

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  1. WordPress Blogs and Websites
  2. phpBB Forum
  3. Coppermine Photo Gallery
  4. Drupal CMS Content Management System
  5. GDI own in house site builder

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You can now choose to create your own simple blog or complex business website using the WordPress CMS platform. A community forum using the phpBB forum plugin provided or even a comprehensive picture or photo gallery to showcase your photography, artwork or family pictures.

Its easy to set up your site using the plugins. You just need to log into your members area, click on “add service” and start creating your websites. You can even create unlimited websites, forums, blogs, picture gallery with unlimited subdomains.

If you already have a wordpress blog hosted somewhere on on a free wordpress hosting, you can even transfer the site to your GDI hosting. This website is created with WordPress, can you see how much you can do for your business or personal site?

You can see an example of the plugins sites we created with one of our domains using subdomains:

  1. Blog with GDI WordPress
  2. Forum with GDI phpBB
  3. Photo Gallery with GDI Coppermine
  4. CMS site with GDI Drupal
  5. Basic HTML site with FTP upload / GDI site builder

gdi site builders, wordpress, drupal, forum, gallery

We created each of this site in less than 5 seconds, by just clicking on “add service”! The example we show you are the instantly created site, we have not added anything to show you what the instant sites look like. You may also check out these WordPress Video Tutorials to learn more on how to create a successful wordpress website

More information can be found in the members area under menu Domains- Plugins

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