GDI WebMail Upgrade Tonight

Global Domains International Webmail Upgrade Tonight

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GDI is improving your email experience again and will be upgrading its systems tonight beginning at 10:00 pm PDT.

The total maintenance window is scheduled for under 12 hours. You may be unable to login to your mailbox during the upgrade window. Don’t worry; all incoming mail will still be delivered to your mailbox, and everything will be available as soon as the upgrade is complete.

New features being added with the upgrade:

• Documents
– in browser word processing!

• Briefcase
– upload and store files in your mailbox, or create your own new documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in your browser!

• Tagging
– label your mail for easy organization.

• Conversations
– try enabling conversations for a new view on back-and-forth email threads.

• Advanced Search
– build and save simple or complex queries to find that old email you’ve been looking for.

• Personal White/Blacklisting
– Choose which email addresses to always accept or reject mail from.

“We thank you for your patience during the upgrade, and hope you love the improved!” Global Domains International Newsletter

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