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GDI Tips Global Domains International Tips – How to market your GDI websites.

As mentioned, GDI provides members with ready made systems and websites for you to start your online business. It is like buying a franchise business where you do not need to learn how to set the business up but rather take a ready to go business and start promoting it.

Just like any business, GDI needs to be marketed or promoted to bring in traffic, members and sales. Usually, new members can start with their own contacts and emails addresses to let them know of GDI. However, you can go much further than this.

As my members will probably know, 99% of them are not from my personal contacts. They found me through the online marketing activities I have carried out, including from search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN etc. If you learn to build your business further, you will really go far.

One interesting point to note: you never know who you will attract or sign up in your downlines since it is Pierrefitte-sur-Seine ivermectin cream canada cost 5 levels deep. If you get a Super Downline, he/she will help you grow your business exponentially.

I am pretty sure my uplines are very happy to get me as their downlines (5 levels up!) I still remember how I got to know GDI. My upline ( a stranger ) sent me an email through my website contact form and ask me to check out his website (GDI) – some may consider him as spamming me but that’s not the point as he wrote a friendly letter and I was free to read the email at the time and that was when I found GDI! Ok, how do you bring your GDI to the next level?

You may want to tab gabapin nt 400 unchangeably post your links to social sites such as and It is FREE to set up a profile at these social sites. You can read more on how to profit from Squidoo as Squidoo is a social site that attracts huge amount of traffic. Social bookmarking is also a new source of free traffic generator. Watch this Free Video Course on how to create videos to post to market your products and to post to YouTube.

Craiglist is also another source of traffic generator from the Murom is gabapentin Free Craiglist classified ads, you may want to read up on how to use Craiglist to pull traffic effectively.

If you can write, then you can start real live casino online Newport Beach blogging about GDI in your blog, if you do not have one, you may open a FREE blogger account or account (I prefer to use wordpress blogs) – just like what I have done here. Only difference is, my blog is built for the beneficial of all my members :-) . Rob Benwell’s wrote a great book on how to profit from blogging which I have learn to use many strategies from him .

If you are more advance level, you may want to learn how to optimize your sites to rank high in Google and other search engines – like what I have done here. Brad Callen created the world renowned Search Engine Optimization tool which you can make use of.

You may also bid on Google Adwords to get traffic – I dont suggest for beginners but that is the fastest way to get traffic to your website. At the time of this post, Yahoo Search Marketing is still giving out a $25 credit for you to use in their Search Marketing (PPC ads). With the credit, you can get 500 instant traffic to your GDI websites with $0.05 a click. Check if the coupon is still valid here.

Alternatively you can use Google Snatch’s Free Click Formula where Latif teaches you how to get traffic through site structures and article marketing.

If you own your own blog or a website, then may want to build your email list using a free email autoresponder to capture email addresses and a tell a friend script. These tools are essential if you are serious about doing online businesses.

Of course, I did mention before, you do not have to use these tools if you are not ready yet, they are recommended for bringing your business to the next level. As you will realize, the tools can be used for your other online businesses too when you grow your online empire.

Other Free traffic generators are article submissions to article directories, posting links in forums and blogs, sending emails, social bookmarking to sites and social networking to sites like You Tube and Squidoo. Of course, some may complain that these may take up a lot of time and effort as there are many of these social sites available. Well you dont have to post to them all at once, just try one at a time, but of course the beauty of the internet is that you can find automation tools for posting to these traffic magnet sites.

Here are some Automated Posting Tools for: Forums ; Blogs ; Social Bookmarking

Last but not least, if you have signed up under this website, remember to download the Special Exclusive Report “Secrets to Building Successful GDI Business” from me. You would have received the link through your email when you signed up here

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