GDI Tips – Business Cards

GDI Tips – Business Cards

One thing I learned from the seminar audio of the 12 month millionaire is that when you do online marketing, you must never forget about offline marketing as well.

This is especially true for Global Domains International. Why is that?

Because, there are many people in this world who have not realized the importance of having a website and domain names not to even mention the potential income of online business. With Global Domains International, you get both!

Hence, where will can you find these prospects and introduce them to online business plus the benefit of a website and domain names? They are all offline! Which means dont just think of introducing GDI to online people or people with email address. There are still millions of people who do not have website and domain name.

All you have to do is introduce them to watch The GDI 7 minute video which explains all. Best thing of all, with GDI you dont just get a website and a domain name, you get the benefit of an online business.

How do you introduce them to watch the 7 minute video when they do not have an email? GDI has supported 2 additional methods of offline promotions. Which is the DVD, which you can order at only $2.95 a piece or their business cards as shown below. You can order them for $49.95 per 1000 cards from GDI. I am sure GDI will not mind if you want to use the design and send it to your own printer if you can find it cheaper elsewhere.

With a Business Card, you can distribute them to friends and family, collegues or even at functions, trade shows etc. as your online business or simply as your website. If you do not want o print an exclusive GDI business card, another idea is to print your GDI website to your own business card as another business of yours.

global domains international business cards

I especially like the back part

 global domains international business cards

Ferrari Design

global domains international business cards      global domains international business cards

You have to personalize the card with:
1. Your Access Code (GDI Username)
2. Your Name
3. Your Phone Number
4. Your Email Address

You do not have to include your personal GDI domain if you dont want to since when visitors enter GDI websites, they are automatically asked to enter “the access code – your GDI username”. However, I still recommends you include them as

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