GDI Premium

Premium Commissions for GDI Premium Affiliates

GDI will pay out 75% of the revenue from premium customers. That means 4 to 14 times larger commissions on GDI Premium customers in your 5 level downline.  You may read my GDI Premium Review

More features and Benefits of GDI Premium

  1. Weekly Superstars Bonus Contest
  2. 3 1-Month Gift Cards Every Month
  3. Daily Ticket in the GDI Lottery
  4. Increased SiteBuilder Gallery Storage
  5. Increased Webmail
  6. Increased Hosting Storage
  7. FREE Domain Privacy

Earn 14 times as much on level 1 Premium accounts in your down line and 4 times as much on levels 2 – 5.

This is in addition to the 10% commission you receive from domain sales in your 5 level downline.

  • GDI Premium Affiliate on your level 1 = $15
  • GDI Premium Affiliate on your level 2 = $5
  • GDI Premium Affiliate on your level 3 = $5
  • GDI Premium Affiliate on your level 4 = $5
  • GDI Premium Affiliate on your level 5 = $5

Premium Features for Premium GDI members

Take a look at the premium business opportunity compared to basic members. Apart from the premium commissions mentioned above…


Weekly Superstars Bonus Contest

As a GDI Premium user you are eligible to take part in GDI’s weekly bonus contest without having to purchase the DVDs.

Earn an UNLIMITED number of $100 bonuses each week by simple referring 5 new confirmed affiliates in a 7 day contest period.

You read that correctly! For every 5 paid affiliates you refer in a one week period, you will earn a $100 cash bonus. There is no limit!


“GDI leaderboards show $200 bonus for me in the first week of signing up as GDI Premium”

To qualify for the weekly bonus contest, GDI basic members need to purchase DVD but Premium GDI members will automatically qualify for this bonus contest. Adding more bonus income to your GDI residual passive income.  Sign up today for a 7 days Free Trial under me and you will receive a special report on how you too can receive weekly bonuses apart from the monthly residual passive income from Global Domains International Inc

GDI Inviter Credits

You get 1000 credits to invite more people to your business opportunity to increase sign ups.


“My account shows 1000 daily credits to use the classic inviter system”

3 One Month Gift Cards Every Month

You can give away 3x One Month (30 days) Free Trial to Global Domains International with your GDI Premium Account. This will help increase your sign ups, downlines and profits.


“My GDI Premium account shows I can give away 30 days Free Trial to GDI”

Daily Ticket in GDI Lottery

Global Domains International Inc will select 3 winners daily. Daily winners will be in rotation to receive new trial signups that do not have an affiliate sponsor (registered under GDI’s catch account)


More Product Features for GDI Premium Members

Compare the new premium product features from GDI Premium…


You get more  email addresses, more email storage, more gallery  storage and hosting storage including Free Domain Privacy compared to basic member.

Sign up today for a 7 days Free Trial to GDI and upgrade to GDI Premium Member to take advantage of the premium features and…  Earn 14 times as much on level 1 Premium accounts in your down line and 4 times as much on levels 2 – 5.

Sign up under me and you will learn how to make full use of your GDI Classic and/or GDI Premium account with my step by step Blueprint and proven strategies to build a long term residual passive income GDI business

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