GDI Premium Launch Webinar

GDI Premium Launch Webinar Introduction

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In the last email newsletter, GDI introduced GDI Premium and members have seen this latest addition in the Members Area.

Update: GDI Premium has been launched,

Read more on the New features and Benefits of GDI Premium


Here’s an update email from Bart Dangerfield – VP of Affiliate Relations and Marketing Global Domains International Inc.

But do you know what GDI Premium is all about? We’ve got your answer. Plan now to attend a special webinar session next Tuesday to learn more about how this latest and greatest product launch can boost your business and improve your ability to attract key business builders into your GDI organization!

Instead of our normal Tuesday webinar format, we will be conducting a special GDI Premium Launch webinar to walk you through all that GDI Premium will mean to you, from the product enhancements to the increased commission opportunities. So plan now to join us Tuesday, May 25 at 6 pm PDT (California Time in the United States … or in other words, during the normal hours of our weekly webinar). You’ll also want to invite EVERY member of your team to attend, and even guests, so everyone can learn about the Power of GDI Premium!

If you have previously registered for our weekly webinar, you don’t need to do anything special … just join us at the appropriate time for your part of the world. If you have never registered for the weekly webinar, you won’t want to miss this opportunity.

When you signed up for GDI, you will receive a link to the webinar.

Don’t worry, this webinar is FREE.

We look forward to seeing you there as we kick off a very exciting time in the history of GDI! Come witness the Power of GDI Premium!Wishing you continued success!

-Bart Dangerfield
VP of Affiliate Relations and Marketing

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