GDI Premium is on the way

GDI Premium is on the way…

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Update: GDI Premium has been launched,

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GDI has something BIG in the works! We’ve been listening to what
our customers want and believe we have a great solution. We took
your suggestions and compiled a list of items our affiliates have
asked for.

Enter… GDI Premium


GDI Premium is a new offering intended for the serious person
ready to get the most out of their domain(s) and/or increase their
earning power with GDI. Our team of developers has added value to
many of our existing products and services including upgrades to
SiteBuilder, webmail, gift cards, and hosting. And that’s just a
start, as we intend to continue adding features to the premium
package for quite some time.

There’s much more though; aside from product upgrades, as a GDI
Premium customer, you will automatically be eligible to earn some
heavy duty commissions. GDI will pay out 75% of the revenue from
premium customers.

Since you’re probably asking, “So what does this change about how
GDI has worked for me in the past?”, we will say this: basically
it won’t change much for anyone choosing not to take advantage of
the new premium offering. Basic customers will continue to have
access to the same great products and services GDI offers. Our
existing commission plan for which we pay out 50% of domain
revenues 5 levels deep will still be there too!

But think about this for a minute; as a GDI Premium customer, you
will earn at least 4 times larger commissions on premium customers
in your 5 level downline than the domains on their account. We say
“at least” because for GDI Premium affiliates in level 1 of your
downline you will receive 14 times the commissions you currently
receive on domains! By the way, Premium customers still get domain
commissions as well from their 5 level downline.

We realize this doesn’t offer the specifics of the new GDI Premium
package, but we can’t let the cat out of the bag just yet. So
please stay tuned. We suggest checking your member’s area often
over the next month so you can be one of the first to get on board
with GDI Premium!

Michael Starr
CEO & Co-founder
Global Domains International, Inc.

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