GDI PayPal Preferred Payment & Commissions

PayPal as preferred Payment in GDI WS Domains

Global Domains International Inc provides you with the option to pay through PayPal and even received your commissions to PayPal. This is very convenient for online marketers to sign up and earn online income with GDI since PayPal is widely used and accepted online. PayPal is owned by eBay and widely used all over the world by eBay buyers and online marketers. It is Free to sign up an account with PayPal, just go to to sign up a Free account.

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To use your PayPal account, you just need to connect it with your credit card by entering your valid credit card details into your paypal account. Once entered, you can use PayPal to pay for many things online, send money etc without ever giving any credit card information to the seller.

For those who do not have a credit card to sign up with GDI

You may sign up for a PayPal account and top up your paypal account via Bank Transfer (only applicable for some countries that PayPal has alliance with). PayPal allows you to Top Up money via Bank transfer for some countries. Look for a “Top Up” menu when you log into your PayPal account and you can find the instructions there.

If you have a SOLO or Maestro bank card, you may enter it to your PayPal account and use PayPal as payment to GDI services.

Or you may request your family or friends with PayPal account to “send money” to your PayPal account and you can arrange payment with them in your own way.

Other option if you do not have a credit card to sign up with GDI is to request the permission of your family members to use their credit card or paypal account to sign up with GDI then arrange payment to them in  your own way. Of course, you must have their permission to do so, if not your account may be suspended anyway when transactions are denied.

GDI PayPal

For International Affiliates use PayPal as Preferred Commissions

Are you living in countries with poor postal and mailing system and is worried about cheques reaching your home? Even though GDI will send checks / cheques payment to anywhere around the world to pay commissions, some may have doubts about the postal system in their country, some afraid that the cheques will get lost on route or some afraid that the cheques cannot be banked in due to banking requirements etc. Or you just cant wait to get your cheques and worried that it may take forever to reach your home.

Now, you dont have to worry about this since you can receive your GDI commissions direct to your PayPal account without delay. Global Domains International Inc always pay their affiliates monthly before the 15th of every month, usually around 10-13th of every month. By using PayPal as the preferred commission method, you will receive your commission monthly without delay direct to your PayPal account. You can then use the funds for your other purchase or transfer it to  your bank account via PayPal.

gdi commissions paypal

Hope you find this information useful. Sign up for a Free PayPal account