Concern about sending GDI ws to your list

Concern about sending GDI ws to your list – GDI Tips

Yes, I have members that show concerns that they are unwilling to email GDI to their list of friends until they make any money out of GDI.

Questions like: I do not have any leads and I do not want to send GDI to my friends before I make any money. How do I start?

My answer is, you simply have to start somewhere.

If you dont start with your friends, who else will you go to. It’s just like when you open a new shop in your local town, what do you do on the first day of opening? You invite your friends to have a look at your store and your offers.

Hence you simply send emails to your friends about what Global Domains International has to offer and leave the purchase decision to your friends. You are just recommending what you found to be a great opportunity to earn passive residual income, let GDI website and videos sell it for you. Do let your friends know you found this great product and let them decide whether it is suitable for them or not.

To be honest, GDI may not suit everyone just like any other products on the market but you have to put an effort in showing them. However, do not push them, all you need to do is just assure them that Global Domains International is not an internet scam as that is the main concern for anyone new who has never embark in online business.

Concern 2: What if my friends did not make any money? Would that make me a scam?

Ok, lets face it, not everyone who joins GDI will make money. Why? It is actually not the system but whether if they did put any effort into the business. Some people joins GDI for the wrong reasons and did not put an effort into promoting their GDI websites. (Not everyone who buys a franchise business make money too, we have seen many franchise business went out of business too.)

But it will never make you a scam as you are simply recommending a great opportunity, if the people you recommend did not not do it right, nobody can blame you for that. For example. You found a great book about how this entrepreneur turned millionaire and in the book, he shows you how he did it, you recommended the book to a friend, your friend bought the book but did not find time to read it. Now that wouldnt make you a scam…

Another example: You found this great seminar with great speakers teaching you how to change your life and earn residual passive income, you recommended it to your friend, your friend went with you, but didnt like the seminar and found nothing useful, would that make you a scam? NO! If they did not act on the opportunity, then nobody can blame you. You are simply recommending an opportunity you found and believe to be able to help.

Dont hesitate to send the emails to your friends (even before you make any money) as you have to start somewhere, just be honest and let them know you just found out about Global Domains International and that assure them that GDI is not a scam and let the product, website and videos sell themselves.

Apart from starting with your list of emails, you can also go to forums and blogs to post your views on the opportunities online with your GDI links (URL) in your signatures to attract people to your website.

Other Free traffic generators include, submitting articles to article directories, social bookmarking your sites, blogging it (just like what I have done here), links exchanges, free classified ads or even creating squidoo lens, you tube videos, myspace and friendster.

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