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Create Videos from Articles

Need a fast, simple way to convert your existing  articles into videos for YouTube? I’m sure you know the popularity of videos and how much time the average Internet user spends online watching videos. That is why YouTube has grown overwhelmingly. We have seen the tremendous growth in the use of videos as a marketing [...]

Generating Leads Easily

June 15, 2009 by  
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How to Generate Leads for Global Domains International Many GDI members have been asking me on how to Generate Leads for their GDI Business. We have discussed this very much in detail in our special report for our downlines including some discussed here in our blog which you can browse freely for ideas. Leads are [...]

Promote GDI Automatically Virally

Free Ways to Promote Global Domains International Automatically & Virally Here is a new Free way for you to promote your GDI business for the long term and receive monthly increasing residual income from Global Domains International Inc. There has been many explanations why you should carry out Article Marketing by submitting articles to directories [...]

Tissa Godavitarne GDI Leaderboards

January 3, 2009 by  
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How Tissa Godavitarne Earn Thousands in GDI Weekly Leaderboard Bonus Tissa Godavitarne has been consistently appearing in Global Domains Leaderboard for over 8 months earning more than USD50.000 in GDI Bonuses! What is GDI Leaderboard Global Domains International conduct weekly bonuses for members who participate in the program. It is a way GDI motivate its [...]

GDI Websites Choices

October 23, 2008 by  
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Global Domains International – GDI Choice of Websites GDI provides many choices of ready made websites for members to use for their promotion. This is very useful for anyone who is new to internet and do not know how to create websites. When you sign up with GDI, you will be given 3 main URL [...]

Free Way to Promote GDI

September 27, 2008 by  
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I have suggested some Free ways to promote your GDI – Global Domains International Business offline in my special report “Secrets to Building Successful GDI Business” and I want to show you an example here. GDI sponsored a racing event to promote Global Domains International by placing stickers of “Website.WS” and tag line “Get your [...]

Best Way to Promote GDI

Which is the Best Way to Promote Global Domains International? I get this questions all the time from my downline and I feel I should make a post about this to share with you. There is no one best way to promote GDI as marketing and promotions of GDI is like any other businesses. It [...]

GDI in Japanese? other Languages?

June 11, 2008 by  
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Global Domains International in Japanese or Other Languages? I received this email today and thought I’d share them here: Hello, I’m interested in the .ws concept. I live in Japan so my question is, if I join and get my own domain, will I also be able to have a webpage designed in Japanese so [...]

GDI Help Forum

Are you new to internet marketing or need help on marketing your Global Domains International? Dont forget to log into the Global Domains International World Forum. There are more than 66,757 members and 18,545 posts in 256 topics in the forum as of 29 May 2008. I am sure you will be able to find [...]

How to Cancel GDI

How to Cancel Your Global Domains International Membership I decided to write this post on showing you the way to cancel your GDI not because GDI does not work but only because things may not work out for everyone and you should easily cancel your membership at any time. There are two reasons for this [...]

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