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GDI PayPal Preferred Payment & Commissions

PayPal as preferred Payment in GDI WS Domains Global Domains International Inc provides you with the option to pay through PayPal and even received your commissions to PayPal. This is very convenient for online marketers to sign up and earn online income with GDI since PayPal is widely used and accepted online. PayPal is owned [...]

No Credit Card Use PayPal

For those who do not have a credit card to sign up with GDI You may sign up for a PayPal account and top up moneyCheck Pay via Bank Transfer (only applicable for some countries that PayPal has alliance with). Check PayPal website for more information. PayPal is a widely used online payment system that [...]

GDI Scam? GDI Accepts PayPal

For Those Skeptical and Thinks Global Domains International is a Scam Did you know that GDI accepts PayPal as a payment method. You have the option to pay your GDI membership through credit card or through using PayPal. PayPal required pre-approval to accept payments for certain services and has stated clearly in their legal terms [...]

GDI Pays through Paypal

Global Domains International can pay you through cheque ( check) or Paypal. Personally, I choose to receive my GDI payment through Paypal which can be done instantly so that there is no waiting for cheque to arrive or to clear at Banks. From Paypal, money can also be transferred to your Bank Accounts easily. From [...]

GDI Scam? Global Domains International Cheque

Many people are searching online if Global Domains International is a Scam? Check out another recent GDI cheque paid to GDI member in October 2007. Mind you not many people will show their cheque online for many reasons especially those large cheques! You can see many performing members in the leaderboard – weekly GDI contest [...]

How to avoid Scam – GDI not Scam

How to avoid Scam – GDI not Scam There are many concerns of scams online. A quick keyword research shows about 7000 search on “scams” every month in yahoo and ” Global Domains International Scam ” is one of the searches. Personally, I havent been scammed online before and I have no worries about that [...]

Global Domains International Accepts Paypal

Global Domains International Accepts Paypal  We’re pleased to announce another big improvement our customers have been asking for!

GDI Scam? GDI pays?

GDI Scam? GDI pays? ok, do they pay? Check out this Paypal account snapshot showing recent payments from Global Domains International click on image to enlarge Although these are not massive amounts but they are quite good income for a beginner and part time work. Dont you think? Watch this life changing video or read [...]

GDI cheque to Peru

GDI cheque pays to a GDI Peru Member Another GDI cheque sent to a Peru member I found from a GDI member website, goes to show Global Domains International is not a Scam and pays its members even sent to Peru. It also shows the envelope sent to Peru! You can also set up your [...]

GDI Cheque

Global Domains International Cheque / Check Here is a sample of a GDI Cheque of $415 paid to a GDI member from Global Domains International. It is an old cheque example, I found on a website which goes to show that GDI has been established since 2005 and that GDI is not a Scam. You [...]

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