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GDI Holiday Cash and Prizes

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Global Domains International Holiday Cash and Prizes! Learn More Tonight!

December is shaping up to be quite a month. Global Domains International biggest product update since the launch of new email system and GDI Premium is coming, and now GDI has added THREE NEW BONUSES!

Join us on tonight’s Webinar to learn all the details!

New December Bonuses!

In addition to GDI existing bonus contests, it is now offering three new bonus contests for December:

gdi bonus

Global Domains International $10K in 10 Days Contest

Would you like to make one thousand dollars in just one day, just in time for the holidays? This new contest will award $1,000 to the affiliate with the most new signups in one contest day: every day from December 1st to December 10th.

You heard right!

GDI is offering $1,000 every day, for 10 days! To win, simply be the sponsor who refers the most affiliates in a single day!

Global Domains International $10,000 December Trio Contest

Are you looking to make an extra two, three, or even five thousand dollars this December? This new contest will award a total of $10,000 to the top three sponsors who refer the most affiliates between December 1st and December 31st!

Global Domains International Daily Gift Contest

For 10 days in December, GDI will be offering a daily lottery for great prizes.

gdi bonuses

All persons adding paid Premium to their account for the first time are added to the lottery; yes, this even applies to existing basic customers! All sponsors are given one entry per first-level person adding paid Premium to their account for the first time. As an added bonus, Premium sponsors will get DOUBLE entries for their Premium referrals. Each day, at least one winner is randomly selected from the lottery to receive that day’s prize. Be on the lookout, some days may offer two or more winners of great prizes, including:

– Apple iPads
– Xbox 360 Kinect Bundles
– Nintendo Wii Bundles
– PlayStation 3 Move Bundles
– Amazon Kindles
– Apple iPods
– And much more!

Be sure to join us on tonight’s Webinar to learn more about our bonus contests.

To stay up to date on all the freshest news, follow us on twitter @gditips

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Winning GDI Lottery

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

Winning the GDI Lottery from GDI Premium Bonus

Global Domains International Inc – GDI recently launched the new premium member service known as GDI Premium.

It is an option upgrade from the standard GDI membership with many extra bonus and features that has been discussed in our post on GDI Premium and GDI Premium Review

Apart from the WEEKLY $100 bonus for EVERY 5 signups, GDI Premium members also stand a chance to win the GDI Lottery where Three GDI Premium members will be selected randomly DAILY to qualify for receiving signups from GDI own website Traffic.

GDI Premium Lottery

For more information, you may read the email notice we received on winning the GDI Premium Lottery below:


You won our daily Premium Lottery drawing! Every day three GDI Premium members win FREE signups for the next day.

Every day people sign up for GDI without a sponsor. They find GDI through search engines, or by word of mouth, but aren’t referred by anyone directly. With help from a supportive sponsor, they can experience the full potential of GDI, and help a downline grow! To get them to a supportive sponsor, we randomly select three GDI Premium customers each day, and allocate the sponsorless signups on a round-robin basis. There’s no telling exactly how many signups there will be; it varies daily. You will receive email notices tomorrow for each signup placed under you.

Remember, the best way to grow your downline is to support them! Be sure to contact your new signups, and let them know you’re there and willing to help.

Kindest Regards,

The GDI Support Team

Please Note: Signups you are given from the GDI Premium Lottery do not count towards the bonus contest, since they are not personally referred by you. You will receive normal commissions for domain purchases and premium purchases if the signups convert to paid members.


Excited? Join Global Domains International now for Free and upgrade (optional) to GDI Premium to take advantage of the bonuses, lottery and more advance features as a GDI Premium member.

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Market GDI the Free Way

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

Just want to share some GDI Tips here while I give them to my members:

On Thu, Feb 14, 2008 at 4:26 AM, Sean Cartwright wrote:
“Hi Bobby,

My name is Sean Cartwright and I just joined GDI with you as my sponsor. I am eager to get started on my home business. I ordered some leads through the website. I am not one to force something on my relatives and friends. Any information and tips to help me get started would be great. Thank you!!”

The Reply:

I dont really like to buy leads as some may not be responsive and we may be accused of spamming. Try to send emails introduction about GDI from your own personal email especially to friends and relatives so that they know the emails are from you.

Honestly, I am not the kind to “force” anybody too 🙂 but hey we are not talking about forcing anyone here, there is no harm in introducing friends and relatives by simply sending them an email an introduction about GDI like “check out this site” or “check out this video”

Market Global Domains International The Free Way:

What you can do is use social marketing as a source to market gdi without any costs. You can download a complete list (directory) of social marketing sites for free by going to Social Marketing Directory 2008

There are about 400++ listed sites on social bookmarking, social networks and social video sites. However, you dont have to use all of them in one go! Start with the most popular ones like hubpages, squidoo, technorati, youtube and facebook are a good start, when you have more time, then go on to use the others.

These are all free resources to get some exposure and drive traffic to your GDI sites for free not to forget forums and blogs.

My subscribers can download a blog poster software I purchased free of charge. You will get a download link and password through your email when you join.

You can use the software to find suitable blogs to post your links. However, please DO NOT spam the blogs, the rule of thumb is to contribute.

and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Download Blog Finder

Sunday, January 13th, 2008

Download My Free Copy of BOB BlogFinder

Global Domains International has already provided the product and website, the only thing that GDI members need to do is to get traffic to the provided GDI website.

Utilizing other websites traffic is one way to get traffic to your GDI website for visitors to watch the GDI presentation.

The easiest and cheapest way to link building is to get blogs to link to your website by posting comments to related blogs since website owners are more reluctant to link to your GDI website if there are no relations. If you are able to contribute good comments and tips to blogs, blog owners will keep your comments and your website links in their blogs.

blog finderHowever, many blogs use the “no-follow” tags for outgoing links that will not allow
search engines to find your links in the blogs. Hence searching related blogs with Google will not help much, this tool will allow you to find such blogs without the “no-follow” feature.

I have purchased the rights to this Blog Finder software to let you use it for Free. You can download the software to find blogs related to your niche and start contributing.

My subscribers will receive the software for Free. Sign up to download a Free copy of Blog Finder or you may purchase your own copy at $37, see more details of the software Here

After you sign up, you will receive a link and a password to access the page.

GDI Pays through Paypal

Friday, January 11th, 2008

Global Domains International can pay you through cheque ( check) or Paypal.

Personally, I choose to receive my GDI payment through Paypal which can be done instantly so that there is no waiting for cheque to arrive or to clear at Banks. From Paypal, money can also be transferred to your Bank Accounts easily.

gdi paypal cheque

From a member’s request, here is a recent payment from Global Domains International to my PayPal account for December 2007. Yes, it is not a big cheque compared to my other online businesses. But so far I am happy with the residual income it brings since the growing potential of GDI is huge.

There are also many other long time earners or even NEW earners from GDI as we can see in the member’s area. Shown below is a snapshot of the latest leaderboard where members receive their GDI bonuses for participating in the GDI weekly contest. To participate in this contest and receive the bonus, members have to purchase the GDI DVD to promote GDI. The DVD costs just $2.95/piece and many members have successfully used them as part of their marketing effort as shown in the contest result below.

This goes to show that you dont have to be expert in online marketing to earn from GDI. You can use offline marketing methods like distributing the DVD presentattion to earn from GDI if you feel that you are comfortable and have a wide network.

You can see the weekly leaderboards bonuses below from 7 Jan 2008 – 13 Jan 2008, contest winners comes from a wide range of countries and cities. Please note that the figures below are bonuses which do not include the monthly residual income from their downlines.

gdi bonus contest

GDI Scam? Global Domains International Cheque

Sunday, October 28th, 2007

Many people are searching online if Global Domains International is a Scam?

Check out another recent GDI cheque paid to GDI member in October 2007.

Mind you not many people will show their cheque online for many reasons especially those large cheques! You can see many performing members in the leaderboard – weekly GDI contest for members who signed up 5 downlines and more per week.

There are members signing up more than 50 downlines a week and received over $800 Bonus! And surprisingly they are from countries like Thailand and Malaysia apart from western countries.

gdi cheque

GDI ws Thailand Climbing Up The Boards

Saturday, October 13th, 2007

GDI ws Thailand Climbing Up The Boards

I want to show you this interesting leaderboard from the members area. GDI holds competition and bonuses every week to reward the highest referrers. Here you can see a recent snapshot of the leaderboards. Can you see several Thai names? I was surprised to see them too as we dont see many Asians countries participating in this kind of network internet marketing programs.

What surprised me was that Thai’s are not fluent in English unlike its neighboring countries of Singapore and Malaysia. This just proved that the business model works – even to a non-English speaking country. Language has no barriers any longer when you are online.

The leaderboard show GDI paying up to $800 to the winners according to the number of referrers in a given week. Many who referred only 5 in the particular week also receive $100 each. Remember, these are bonuses and not their net income. The net income is $1 multiply by each member under your dowlines all the way down to 5 levels!

There is also a weekly competition with bonuses of up to $800 for top referers. Check out this screenshot taken from the members area. Remember, these are not net earnings of the referrers but are their BONUS for the week!

If you are a Thai, and are more comfortable asking your questions in Thai, then you may want to visit one of my Thai downlines who will help explain the GDI system in Thai to you. The websites are also in Thai…

Thank You

Sunday, August 26th, 2007

Thank You for Inviting Your Friends

thank you

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