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Best Way to Promote GDI

Which is the Best Way to Promote Global Domains International?

I get this questions all the time from my downline and I feel I should make a post about this to share with you. There is no one best way to promote GDI as marketing and promotions of GDI is like any other businesses. It will all depends on the skills and experience of the individual that carries out the task. Some individuals are very outspoken and have the ability to lead people. Some do not like to meet people. Some already have a large network of friends, some prefer to advertise and find their own leads. Some of my downlines are more successful advertising GDI offline than online, some vice versas. So here are several options you can go for:

Promote GDI Offline: – Use DVD

If you have a large network of offline friends or you meet a lot of people offline, you may promote GDI offline to them though personal meeting and gatherings. That is why GDI produced the videos (DVD) that you can purchase (at a very low price) to send out to your prospects offline. The videos will have your username embeded so that when your prospects try to sign up online, they will enter your username and you will be credited with the sale. To compensate for this extra work you are doing (buying the DVD) GDI have arranged a Bonus Plan where you can get $100 Bonus for every 5 new sign-ups within a week. You can read more about the Bonus here. I have seen many less online countries such as Thailand where many are still not “always online” and yet able to see the opportunity on top of the board receiving weekly bonuses with this kind of promotions.

Promote GDI Offline – through Personal Meetings

If you are already in MLM or network marketing busines, then you should already have the network to get prospects. Successful MLM individuals will understand the GDI business and can always add GDI to their portfolio of monthly residual income. Meet up with them and request them to check out your GDI Website or give them a DVD to educate them.

Promote GDI Offline – Through Name Cards

GDI has prepared designs of name cards you can use or order from the members area that you can use to distribute to any potential prospects. You can distribute them anywhere offline where you see potential prospects. You may print and place them in seminars related to business opportunities as some seminar organizers allow and even encouraged attendants to network and share business cards. If not, ask if you can do so. Distribute them in malls or even in your retail outlets. Pass them to friends etc.. I’ll leave it to your imagination.

Your Own Business Card

Dont forget, you dont need to specially print the GDI business cards. You can actually simply print them in your own current business cards. You can simply add some words at the bottom of your card or even utilize the back of your business cards. Some examples of words you can use:

see the example from GDI

global domains international business cards

global domains international business cards

grandmondial If you have experience online and skill you can…

Promote GDI Online – through Social Sites

The usual, gay dating mount greenwood il cheap and free way to promote GDI is through social sites as they cost you nothing and you have nothing to lose. You can easily set up an account at social sites for free and start promoting gdi. When creating an account at social sites, try to use catchy words and phrases too to attract attention and click through. You can download the huge list of social marketing sites here. You can even promote trough your facebook, friendster, hi5 and many others which is totally Free. If you are active in Forums, you can promote through them and even include your GDI links in your signature. (please see forum rules for this) The main thing is NOT to spam the forums, by including a catchy phrase like the ones I mentioned above with a link to your GDI website is usually enough.

Promoting GDI through Online Advertising

Some more experienced marketers advertise their GDI through the use of online advertising like Google Adwords, Yahoo, MSN etc.. But a word of caution, you may overspend if you are not experienced in using the right words and techniques in online advertising. There are many resources on how to effectively do this but that is another skill you have to master. However, you may want to try it out since Yahoo is giving away $25 credit. Just remember to stop the ads if you feel you are not doing it right and when your credit runs out. You can get the coupon here. There are also other Free online advertising available such as Craiglist and other Free Classified Ads sites where you can post an advert about your GDI for Free. If you are just starting out online, I would recommend you try the Free methods mentioned above, then try to learn more about the strategies of internet marketing as you go along.


GDI is NOT a GET RICH QUICK system. (there is none is this world)

GDI is about Building Monthly Residual Income for Life

The difference between income and residual income?

Income is what you receive when you work, then you work for more and more and more… and then… income STOPS when you STOP working

Residual Income?

It is when you work, work, work and work for more… and then… it CONTINUES to flow in EVEN when YOU stop working.

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10 Responses to “Best Way to Promote GDI”

  1. Aggie on November 17th, 2008 6:45 am

    Good article!

  2. Kevin K on November 23rd, 2008 10:57 pm

    Thank you for your tips. I find them really helpful and I will start implementing them right away

  3. Chris J on December 15th, 2008 5:47 pm

    what kind of paypal should i use?? business?

  4. gdi on December 15th, 2008 9:06 pm

    You may use any kind of Paypal account, Individual as well as Business are fine.

  5. Matthew Miller on March 12th, 2009 11:48 pm

    Before I sign up, I have a quesiton for you guys… Can I produce my own 30 Second TV Spot and air it locally around Texas in order to build downline offline? I own an advertising agency and I was thinking about doing something similar to your video with just me talking on a white screen with some flash text on the side and the web address information. Since I’m in advertising I could easily purchase late night spots for around a buck per and go nuts with this. Please let me know, I would like to sign up, but if you tie these talented hands… it would not be very incouraging.


  6. Global Domains International Tips on March 13th, 2009 12:50 am

    Of course you can Matt,
    It is just like presenting in organized seminars and conferences but you do it in the BIG way – on television!

    Remember to use your sponsor name or use your website name so that you can be credited.

  7. jm on May 20th, 2009 4:34 pm

    great article :-)

  8. mar grace on July 4th, 2009 6:34 pm

    Good Day! as much as i want to earn some extra income from the comfort in my home. But im so skeptical since i tried other home based job.It doesnt work specially in our country ( Philippines).
    What is my assurance that GDI is available in our country?

  9. Global Domains International Tips on July 4th, 2009 9:59 pm

    GDI is an online business, you can sign up and market GDI to and from anywhere around the world that has internet connection. You will only need a valid payment such as credit card or paypal account to sign up for GDI. I am pretty sure your country meet both requirements :-)

  10. Robert Brereton on July 25th, 2009 1:05 pm

    It seems quite simple to me we have a product that everyone wants a website with hosting for $10.00 and a way to make an income .The hardest for most people is advertising or promoting your site.Here are some tips i have picked up that work.

    !) write articles they cost you nothing but time and work to drive traffic to your website.
    Don1t forget to leave your website in your signture at the bottom of the article.

    2) Place ezine ads there is a small cost for around $30.00 you can submit your ads to two ezines with 10,000 targeted customers viewing your ads.

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