85% of people who try GDI ws join!

Global Domains International Tips -85% of people who try this MLM Product join!

This article by Alastair Harris looks at why the huge take up.

Global Domains International Inc is a domain name company that decided to take its domain name business to the world market by creating a network marketing package which is able to everyone to uses the product.

The product is a top level domain name, web hosting provision up to 100MB or 10 pages if you use the in built editor, email addresses and other hosting options. The cost is $10 a month.

The interesting thing about Global Domains International is unlike most MLM that require you to buy the product first GDI allows you 7 Days to try their product FREE.

The surprising thing is that 85% of people who try the free trial STAY. This speaks mountains about the product and the potential of the multi-level marketing opportunity. People like the set-up of the system, the available banners, splash pages, movies and other advertising materials. They see the potential of the return. The cost is ONLY $10 a month. Most people spend that on a morning coffee and snack!

They also like the ease with which is enables them to create their own website and offers the best chance to get their own domain name.

Global Domains International is a debt free company, has a huge growth rate and has allowed for that growth by insuring that there internet capabilities can meet that growth. They have a contract for 12 years for the .ws domain ending (now marketed as ws for website) and have the right of FIRST renewal – an important clause in any business contact to create a huge business future.

85% of people love GDI ws and Join – why don’t you try the GDI FREE trial?

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