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GDI Indonesia

Saturday, June 20th, 2009

Selamat Datang di halaman Global Domains International Indonesia!

Amankan NAMA domain anda sekarang juga dan raih US Dollar setiap bulan….

Ribuan warga Indonesia telah mendaftarkan nama domain mereka online dan menikmati bisnis internet online GDI dengan pendapatan pasif income US Dollar setiap bulan. Jangan lewatkan kesempatan ini.

Sudahkah anda nonton video canggih GDI 7 minute ini? Jika belum, nonton aja dulu karena video tersebut akan merubah kehidupan anda.

Global Domains International adalah perusahaan yang resmi menjual nama domain secara international yang juga mereward membernya yang referensi member baru ke GDI.

Daftarkan nama domain anda bersama Global Domains International dan anda bisa sekalian menikmati penghasilan USD dengan referensikan teman bergabung di GDI.

Di dalam video GDI telah menjelaskan cara perhitungan rewardnya dengan pembayaran reward sampai 5 level downline anda.

Bayangkan saja, dari rumah kita di Indonesia, kita bisa meraih pendapatan USD tanpa batas dengan pasar seluruh dunia.

Gabung sekarang secara Gratis! Anda bisa coba GDI secara Gratis tanpa bayar selama 7 hari PLUS jaminan 30 Hari Uang Kembali jika anda merasa system yang kami sediakan tidak benar. Syaratnya hanya kami minta anda coba GDI untuk meraih pendapatan pasif USD setiap bulan untuk selamanya.

Tentunya kami akan sediakan panduan blueprint step by step untuk anda membangun bisnis GDI anda untuk meraihkan pendapatan USD tanpa batas

1. My special step by step blueprint on how to build your GDI business for unlimited long term residual passive income,
2. Learn how you can attract unlimited traffic & prospects to your GDI website and signups
3. 25 PLR articles on network marketing for use and for promoting,
4. $25 Yahoo and $10 Bidtizer Ads credits to get 500 instant visitors to your website
5. My 30 Days Money Back Guarantee if you are not fully satisfied with my blueprint 🙂 Yes! You get 7 days F’ree trial from GDI plus my extension of 30 days money back guarantee for you to try GDI and my system. I will paypal you back the $10 you invested within 30days if you are not satisfied with my system. You have nothing to lose 🙂

Klik dan Gabung secara Gratis!

Waktunya warga Indonesia mengkuasai pasar bisnis internet secara international. Anda mau ikut?
Gabung bersama Top Affiliate Global Domains International dari Indonesia!

Generating Leads Easily

Monday, June 15th, 2009

How to Generate Leads for Global Domains International

Many GDI members have been asking me on how to Generate Leads for their GDI Business. We have discussed this very much in detail in our special report for our downlines including some discussed here in our blog which you can browse freely for ideas.

Leads are crucial to businesses. Those who are already experienced with network marketing, mlm, insurance or even real estate understands that leads are like a lifeline to their business. Without leads, there are no customers and no sales. Leads are also known as prospects in Global Domains International.

As usual, our main focus is to help GDI members to get leads FREELY or at least CHEAPLY. We do not belief in spending fortunes in getting leads for GDI hence we have discussed about how to build your GDI websites that attract traffic and leads 24 hours a day for as long as you have your website without much cost or effort.

For those who prefer not to go the technical route of building traffic magnet websites as we discussed in our report, you may browse through classified ads sites which contains a lot of leads for all types of business. You may find prospects looking for work at homes jobs, online businesses etc.that are suitable for your GDI business.

The 4 main classified ads sites that you can get leads from, are:


We must admit, browsing through these site can be a daunting tasks, we have done it before manually and believe it or not, it took us hours to get our Free Leads.

instant lead magnet

We then come across this new software that has just been released that can help search through these classified ads sites for hundreds of leads within seconds. It was just released on 15 June 2009 and we immediately bought a copy to get collect our Free Leads using the software.

The software allows you:

  • to retrieve tons of targeted leads from the three most popular online classified ad sites in almost any niche you could think of within a couple of seconds.
  • Find ready-made prospects who are interested in your CPA offers.
  • Collect email addresses of the leads generated and email them directly using the in-built email feature
  • Simply use the software to seek out offline job offers or use it when buying/selling houses

Watch this video to see a live demonstration of the software in action!