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New GDI Website WS

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

Introducing the New Website WS Design

One of the key point in selecting a good network marketing company or a home based business to work with is to the supporting materials the company provides for its members. In this case, GDI – Global Domains International Inc has done it again by not just providing many different kinds of ready made websites for its members to use them as marketing materials but keep improving them with updated design.

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GDI has just updated the design of one of the ready made GDI website at Website.WS?

This new improved design is very much welcome by all GDI members & affiliates as it shows that GDI is committed to provide good marketing materials for its members and continue to improve its features.

The new design includes a video presentation at the top which is proven to present the product better to visitors or prospects. If you have been online for awhile, you would have noticed that all new website designs come with a video presentation, not to say that GDI is lacking behind since GDI has introduced video presentation since its launch as seen in its other ready made websites provided for members at Freedom.WS and My.WS

Global Domains International Inc Website ws

The New Global Domains International Inc Website WS design

This is the second new website design rolled out for this year. The last update of new ready made website was the NEW Video Presentation Website back in April 2009 as posted in New GDI Video Presentation website

Other ready made GDI websites provided for members can be seen in our post on GDI website Choices

Take a look at the NEW GDI Website WS

Here’s a video I made especially to show you how to set up your ready made GDI replicated Websites

You have 3 ready URLs from GDI that you can use to set 3 different replicated sites from the 15 provided

How to Set Up Your Global Domains International Replicated Web Sites