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Free Way to Promote GDI

Saturday, September 27th, 2008

I have suggested some Free ways to promote your GDI – Global Domains International Business offline in my special report “Secrets to Building Successful GDI Business” and I want to show you an example here. GDI sponsored a racing event to promote Global Domains International by placing stickers of “Website.WS” and tag line

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at the front and rear of this BMW race car. The sponsored car even wins the race!

website gdi ws bmw wins

photo: stickers of GDI on the bonnet of Racing BMW

Can you imagine how much FREE publicity and exposure GDI received from this racing event? Well, I am not suggesting you go and spend money on sponsoring a racing event which would have defy our aim of getting cheap and free exposure – of course unless you have your own event that you can make use of.

My suggestion is:

Have you ever thought of putting some stickers on your own car? The stickers do not have to be as big as the ones you see here on the racing car. Just a small one on your rear window would do a great job. I am sure you have seen stickers like “Baby in Car”, “Women Driver in Car” or even “Singles in Car”

“Singles in Car” – is the driver trying to promote himself / herself to get a mate? 🙂 Anyway, I am sure you get what I mean.

Promote your website with a tag line to arouse curiosity and get people to visit your GDI website.

promote gdi ws free

photo: stickers on the rear window – best spot for getting the attention of drivers behind you

I am sure you can get computer cut stickers for a very cheap price for your car. And as you drive around the country, you are getting Free promotion or exposure. Better yet, make more and get your friends and family to stick on their cars and help you promote. If you get a good design and a tag line that’s really cute I am sure nobody would mind you sticking the stickers on their cars.

Be creative!

If you cant find anyone to get the cutting stickers for you, or you want a more simple solution, why not just print it on an A4 paper and stick it from the inside of your rear and side windows of your car? That way, people can see them while you are on the road or even in a parking lot.

Get creative now…

It is as cheap as you can get to prepare the materials and you get to promote for FREE with no recurring costs of advertising. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from this.

Refer to the report I sent out to my downlines for more GDI tips and “Secrets to Building Successful GDI Business”. If you have not signed up, you can join now and receive my Special Report which you can also share with your downlines.