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GDI in Japanese? other Languages?

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

Global Domains International in Japanese or Other Languages?

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I received this email today and thought I’d share them here:


I’m interested in the .ws concept.

I live in Japan so my question is, if I join and get my own domain, will I also be able to have a webpage designed in Japanese so I can target the Japanese?

Or, would this have to be 2 separate “memberships?”


when you join GDI, you get your own domain and hosting for you to build your own website or you can divert the domain to the ready made GDI websites.

When you join GDI you will already get 3 Main GDI websites like:

You also get a username and when you replace “globalonlineincome” with your username and these websites will automatically become your website, branded with your name and links.

As an example:
If you visit and see the top menu, you will see several languages and the website can be translated into several language including Japanese

You may use the link:

for GDI Japanese version
So when you replace it with your username, it will become your website

hope this explains well..