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Bookmark Your GDI websites

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

As you might already realized, social bookmarking is very important to your GDI success as it has proven to attract traffic to your website and help your website to rank higher in search engines.

You can do it manually to bookmark to top social boomarking and networking sites. ( download the directory Free here ) or use a software to help you do it automatically.

One other GDI tip is to encourage visitors to your website to bookmark your website to their favorite bookmarking sites. The best way to encourage them is to help them, make it easy for them, by placing social bookmarking links or icons on your pages so that your visitors can easily click on them to bookmark your site.

The only problem was, which ones to use? There are more than a hundred. You cannot take chances and guess which icons to put on your site. You cannot put all 100 of them or they will overcrowd your site.

You may even notice that I have stopped using the Social Bookmarking WordPress plugins which adds 30 bookmarking icons as the icons have slowed my website/blog.

Here’s the solution, I bought this script to use for my sites and now you can use the service for Free. I have set it up so that anyone can simply enter a URL and title of website and a link will be generated for you to place in your website.  You may also use the image or icon to place on your website that links to 50 Top Social Bookmarking sites. It is simple and light so that it will not affect your website loading time.

You can start adding them to your sites and pages now. There is no easier way to do this, you dont even need to sign up for an account, simply type 2 lines and get your code to place on your pages. Click Free Social Bookmarking Service.

You may click on the icon/image or link below to bookmark this website and try the service out:

Global Domains International Tips

social bookmark

or click on Free Social Bookmarking to start using the Free Service

Free $25 Coupon to Drive Traffic to GDI

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

Drive more traffic to your website with online advertising.

yahoo free $25 creditI was signing in to Yahoo Search Marketing last night and noticed this image on top with $25 Free credit upon sign up.

I dont encourage pay per click advertising for your Global Domains International websites since there are other Free way to drive traffic to your websites and get sign ups.

However, Yahoo is giving away this $25 Free credit, so why not use it to your advantage and send traffic to your GDI websites with compliments from Yahoo! 🙂

With $25 credit, you can get about 500 FREE clicks/visitors to your website for a $0.05 bid or 250 Free Clicks/Visitors to your website for a $0.10 bid. You have no obligations to continue using the ads.

This gives you a good start in building your GDI business.

To maximize your ad credit, the most effective GDI website to use in your advertising campaign is the website since the video explains best about Global Domains International.

Just use the promo code USCJ21 when you sign up to get the Free credit. This only applies for new account.

Yahoo Search Marketing works the same way as Google Adowrds which is Pay Per Click ads. Since there are still people using Yahoo as their main search engines, we should not forget to look into this untapped market. Yahoo ads should also be cheaper since there are less competition than Google Ads.

Get your $25 credit while it is still available. Yahoooooooo!

please note, if you dont see this promo when you click on the above link, then the promo may have ended. Get it while you still can.

How do I know if I have Sign ups at GDI from my downlines?

Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

Here is a screen shot of part of my email account ( 1-20 out of hundreds ) that shows the recent emails I received from GDI WS – Global Domains International.

You will receive emails from GDI as “WS Affiliates” which notify you for any sign ups below you – up to level 5 below your line. See the yellow highlight of sign ups from my downlines. So you will know of every sign ups below you. Of course, you can also see all your downlines in your GDI admin/members area.

gdi ws affiliates

You can also see from the screen shot that I receive emails for every prospect that watched the video presentation at one of my GDI website ( which you will also receive when you sign up ). The emails notify you so that you can follow up with your prospects for any questions that they may have about GDI.

Hence I strongly suggest that you direct your prospects to the My.Ws video presentation website for more effective sign ups, as there will also be an automatic follow-up email that sends your prospects a Free Network Marketing Report. ( Note: You will only receive this notification for your own prospects, not for prospects below your level. This is to protect the privacy of your downlines’ prospects)

So here you go, does this answers your questions?

By the way, if you forget where and how to log in to your members area… it is