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Promote GDI with Video

Friday, March 14th, 2008

Use Video Marketing to promote Global Domains International

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Another way to promote GDI is by creating a video on GDI and submitting the video to Social Video sites like You Tube and many more.

It is very easy to create a video nowadays, just by using your webcam, you can record your experiences with GDI or you can use windows movie maker to produce slide shows from pictures and turn them into video to upload them to YouTube.

The reason why this works are:

  1. Social Sites like YouTube receives millions of traffic for you to get exposed
  2. YouTube videos allow people to embed them into blogs and websites easily, if you have a great video, people will embed them into their websites or blogs. Dont forget many bloggers are in need of content!
  3. There are also many softwares that auto generate video sites like this Niche Video Site Builder that builds and generate websites automatically and your video may just end up in these sites as I have discovered with my videos.
  4. So use these social and viral marketing to drive traffic to your GDI websites for Free

Here is a Video Mini Course that you can learn how to create videos from.

You can download the FREE Social Marketing Directory if you havent done it yet. It contains more than 400 social sites for you to use for Free.

Free Download Authority Black Book

Friday, March 7th, 2008

Free Download of Authority Black Book 2008

This is the Most comprehensive Web 2.0 resource you can find online teaching you how to build authority sites by using social marketing. You can use the tips in the report to rive traffic to your GDI sites and build your residual income for FREE.

authority black book downloadThis is the latest version of the Authority Black Book 2008 edition. 40.000 people downloaded the previous version.

You will find ideas on Social Marketing, WordPress must have plug ins, list of social sites to use and many more. Simply… you MUST download this resource and read it.

Download Authority Black Book 2008 edition

This blackbook is provided by Jack Humphrey of Social Power Linking.

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