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Promote GDI with articles

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

Using Article Marketing to promote Global Domains International

A member just emailed me about using articles to promote GDI by submitting articles to Article Directory. I thought I should share them with you here.

Article Marketing is one popular, effective and Free way to market anything online including GDI.

The reason are when you submit an article, to article directories, you are infact:

  1. Showing that you are knowledgeable in the subject
  2. You can add a resource box with your URL at the bottom of the article
  3. This helps create backlinks and traffic to your website.
  4. Backlinks help your website to rank well in search engines plus…
  5. Since hundreds and thousands of people try to find suitable articles to use as contents for their sites, they will use your articles to post in their websites with your resource box.
  6. These people are infact helping you to distribute your articles for Free.
  7. Again creating backlinks to your website and drive traffic to your websites.
  8. There are also many softwares like HyperVRE that built sites automatically which automatically use articles from directories to generate content sites for adsense. This will again distribute your articles throughout the web for you for Free.

Now, many people absolutely HATE writing which does not help here. So they get someone to write them the articles. They are called Ghost writers. These writers will write for you for a Fee ranging from $10-$20 an article and you can put your name on as the author. You can find them in places like

Or you can use the services of companies that offers 500 – 1000 PLR (public label rights) articles every month for $67-$97 a month. You can use these PLR articles and put your name as the author to post in directories.

However, I must warn you that it is always wise to tweak these PLR articles to make it your own or else your articles may be rejected by the article directories.

If you can write your own, please do so as it is FREE and unique, but if you cant and wont, then you may want to use the services of Content Club that offers new articles for you monthly including a software that will help you tweak the articles to become unique. You can also download the 50 Free articles here.

Join Me – GDI USA

Saturday, February 23rd, 2008

Hello All,

This is Arthur from the USA, and I would first like to start out by saying that I am very excited about being a member of the GDI team. The opportunities are limitless, and with a sponsor like Bobby, how could you go wrong? I would like to give him a big “Thank you” for providing all the resources and information needed to be successful in this program.

I’ve been with GDI for a short time, and I’ll tell you, I was surprised to get one referral within my first week. One might not sound very impressive to some of you out there, but I was quite surprised! My intentions were to use the first week to study and learn all I could about the program, after that, I planned to begin my “campaign”. I just happened to mention GDI to a friend of mine.. referred him to one of the GDI videos, and he was hooked from that point on.. This program practically does all the work for you! I’m excited about not only making a few extra dollars with GDI, but also a couple of new friends! So feel free to contact me any time!

Make full use of Global Domains International

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

This is just a reminder to all GDI affiliates or members.

Many GDI members get caught up with promoting Global Domains International and totally forgot to make full use of the GDI features that come with the package, which is the domain, hosting and website builder.

Since GDI already provided you with ready made websites with your affiliate links embeded for you to promote the GDI system, why not use the domain and hosting provided to build your own personal hobby site? or business site?

Yes, you can build a separate website since the GDI affiliate websites provided are “ready made” and auto generated for you when you join that does not take up the hosting space.

You can then include your GDI links to the GDI websites in your personal website. You can even include GDI banners in your website. Here are some samples of GDI banners in gif, you can get others or even the flash versions if you prefer in the members area.


Global Domains International

gdi ws

When your visitor comes to your website, they will see your GDI link and/or your banners, click on them and they will be introduced to Global Domains International for the videos to sell itself. This is what sales people like to call “Soft Selling”

Here are Some tips to make your link more prominent so that your visitors will not miss them:

Use attractive Text Words as your links to attract visitors to click on them like, here are a few examples you can base on, be imaginative:

  • Click Here to Earn Residual Income
  • Your Own Website With Auto Income
  • Why Domain Name are Important
  • Dont be Left Behind in the Internet Era
  • Powered by $$$ Website $$$

You can also write your own texts based on the theme of your website like:

  • A Hobby Site That Makes Money
  • Let Your Cat Website Make Money for You

You can use the following simple html code to make a link, just replace it with Your URL and Your Text:

<a href=””>Your Text</a>

This is the code to use for adding image and link to your website:

<a href=””><img src=””></a>By doing that, you can in fact achieve 2 objectives at once. Have you ow personal hobby site and earn residual income at the same time.

Enjoy your Earnings and Hobby 🙂

Market GDI the Free Way

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

Just want to share some GDI Tips here while I give them to my members:

On Thu, Feb 14, 2008 at 4:26 AM, Sean Cartwright wrote:
“Hi Bobby,

My name is Sean Cartwright and I just joined GDI with you as my sponsor. I am eager to get started on my home business. I ordered some leads through the website. I am not one to force something on my relatives and friends. Any information and tips to help me get started would be great. Thank you!!”

The Reply:

I dont really like to buy leads as some may not be responsive and we may be accused of spamming. Try to send emails introduction about GDI from your own personal email especially to friends and relatives so that they know the emails are from you.

Honestly, I am not the kind to “force” anybody too 🙂 but hey we are not talking about forcing anyone here, there is no harm in introducing friends and relatives by simply sending them an email an introduction about GDI like “check out this site” or “check out this video”

Market Global Domains International The Free Way:

What you can do is use social marketing as a source to market gdi without any costs. You can download a complete list (directory) of social marketing sites for free by going to Social Marketing Directory 2008

There are about 400++ listed sites on social bookmarking, social networks and social video sites. However, you dont have to use all of them in one go! Start with the most popular ones like hubpages, squidoo, technorati, youtube and facebook are a good start, when you have more time, then go on to use the others.

These are all free resources to get some exposure and drive traffic to your GDI sites for free not to forget forums and blogs.

My subscribers can download a blog poster software I purchased free of charge. You will get a download link and password through your email when you join.

You can use the software to find suitable blogs to post your links. However, please DO NOT spam the blogs, the rule of thumb is to contribute.

and Happy Valentine’s Day!