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Monday, November 19th, 2007

Check out this video with quotes from The Secret

Have you watched “The Secret” or read the book? I am sure you have heard about it if not watched it. The Secret is a remarkable movie. Well not precisely a movie as it is more of wise men telling about ” The Secret”

It has nothing to do with Global Domains International but nevertheless an amazing video to watch for personal development and motivation. I’d watch it as much as possible to keep reminding us to set our goals in life and be grateful for what we have been blessed with.

So what is it about? The Secret is about – The Law of Attraction and positive thinking. When you think positive, you will attract positive things and likewise when you think negative things, you will attract negative energy around you.I totally recommend you take some time to read or even better watch it as it will truly change your life. After taking some time to watch The Secret with my wife, it occurred to us that we always have that secret in us that we do not realize. It reminded us of what we have to achieve in life and we immediately took actions and re-evaluate our goals and found that we could achieve even more than we had planned. We re-set our goals and within one week have seen positive results.

I know many people are very skeptical about these kind of things. I even read from someone online stating ” The Secret – bought the book, nothing changes” First, I hope this person did not just buy a book and hope some miracle will happen. You must first read it :-) and think deeply of what you can do with your life. You must want something bad enough to attract it. If you think it will never happen then you are absolutely right as mentioned in the video, the universe will answer you “Your Wish is My Command” ( I really like that part :-) )

Anyway, I’ve uploaded these quotes from The Secret – Law of Attraction that will remind us or our purpose in life and be grateful for what we have been blessed with. Enjoy the video, If I were you, I’d watch it as often as you can. In fact, this is what I have done, I posted it on my main index page at so that everytime I visit my website, I will play it to remind myself of the Secret. Feel free to embed it in your website / blog and share with friends.

[youtube ZbBvunG9cCE]

video source: The Science of Getting Rich

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Tuesday, November 13th, 2007

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