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Places to grow your Multi-Level Marketing business.

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

Places to grow your Multi-Level Marketing business.
By: Alastair Harris

Who are the best people and where are the best places to find people to join your MLM business?

Multi-level marketing or network marketing success it normally at its best when you maximize the people of the network plan which means you earn income off the work of others. As such to be successful you will need to grow a team of people, partners or what is often referred to as a down line.

Although general advertising can be effective, experience shows that there are certain types of people who are either more receptive to your business proposal. Who are these people and why should you target them?

Other Multi-Level Marketing People
One of the first places you should look at is people who are already in some form of network marketing program. The reason is obvious – you don’t have to over come false notions of pyramid marketing or other network marketing falsehoods told by people who don’t understand laws of rewarding hard work and the benefits of network marketing. (You would think with some of the largest multi-nationals in the world now involved in network marketing some people would realize that MLM is a modern economic reality, but still there are hanger’s on who believe in old industrial models of employment until their bubble is burst when their life time loyalty is blown with retrenchment and lost of their retirement income).

People who are already in network marketing can with the right product just transfer it straight to their already existing network. For example – Global Domains International which offers web hosting and domain names package in a network marketing frame work is very popular with other participates of network marketing programs because it provides their down line with a tool they can use to help market their primary MLM product or service.

Less training is needed. Because these people are already in network marketing and used to the concepts and practices. Further they already have an entrenched down line to market to.

Internet Gurus
Another place is to take the ‘Wall Street’ approach. You may remember the popular film in the 80’s about greed and Gordon Geeko and how by capturing the whale meant higher income. The same is true in the MLM world. Capture a whale who already mass markets and your MLM could explode.

Ezine and List Builders

These people already have a list of people normally in the thousands with which they can market an MLM program to. In fact if you are a list builder and you don’t have your own network marketing program with recurring income (like GDI) that you are also marketing to your list you must have rocks in your head, because your missing out on an easy second income.

Young Adults
As you know the older you get the harder it is to make friends. We become introspective and less trusting. Teenagers are natural network marketers. The love the latest techno gadget and naturally ‘market’ to one another all the time – peer pressure and other similar factors mean that if a young person has something that’s popular then you can expect the others in the network to be assaulting their parents wallets demanding to be part of the latest cool thing.
Things like Ipods were mainly marketed and gain huge popularity by WORD OF MOUTH. Word of mouth is still THE most powerful marketing in the world – hence why NETWORK marketing seeks to tap into this concept.

Young people are also looking at ways to earn extra income without too much labor – with study, uni. and parties taking most of their time – working at a low rate of pay at a takeaways is not the most appealing way to earn money. How much easier to earn money while out at parties and socializing with friends.


People who are fustrated with their life or job are the final group of people you should target. Often these people are looking for something different and at least the promise of escaping the rat race. They will normally be willing to devote their spare time to achieving these goals. People who want to start a business, but don’t have the buy a franchise or similar business.

If you start with these four groups you may find your MLM program having more productive results.

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Sunday, August 26th, 2007

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Goals for your Global Domains International Business

Thursday, August 23rd, 2007

Setting your goals for your Global Domains International Business
By: Alastair Harris

So you tried the 7 day free trial and like 85% of people liked what you saw and stayed. What now? The following is some suggested goals.

Goal 1:- Become familiar with your Global Domains International members site
Goal 2:- Build your own website
Goal 3:- Get your first member
Goal 4:- Get Ten members
Goal 5:- Help your down line get their first member
Goal 6:- Get your down line to five levels and introduce a 100 people to your 1st level
Goal 7:- Brag about your success
Goal 8:- Start enjoying the financial rewards.

1) Become familiar with your GDI members site.
This is your portal into the GDI world. Its where you will find your hit logs, your banners, your affiliate information, your access to the forum, your commissions records, leaders boards and bonuses, set your payout options and your email/hosting options to name just a few. Its also where you can access the site builder. Get use to where everything is so you can check on your progress. The hit logs can tell you how your advertising is going.

2) Build your own website.
Global Domains International is more than just a business opportunity the product is the domain name, hosting package and lots of other options. If you use the inbuilt site editor you can produced a 10 page website. Use it to advertise any other online business or MLM you might have. If you don’t know what to do with it then do a page about your interests and add adsense. A good website with traffic and generate a nice income on its own, let alone added income from your down line.

3) Get your first member.

If you advertise you which get hits to your hit log. Ezine advertising, forum posting, articles, whatever it takes get the word out there both on and off line. Eventually you will get an email from Global Domains International which says “Congratulations (your name here) you have a new sign up!” If you can do this once you can do it a thousand times.

4) Get 10 members
Although a website can earn money in itself (through adsense, affiliate marketing, etc) its nice to get 10 members in your down line. You GDI website and total package is now FREE – it costs you nothing and any new members mean one thing – money in your pocket. Robert Kiyosaki taught me an asset is something that puts money into your pocket. Once you GDI has ten members ITS AN ASSET.

5) Help your down line get their first member
To be really successful with Global Domains International you need to be able to teach others to repeat your success. Helping them grow not only means more money in your pocket – it brings satisfaction. In fact I get more excited when one of my down line sponsor a new person than when I do – because I helped them achieve their goals.

6) Get your down line to 5 levels and sponsor 100 people personally.

By getting your down line to 5 levels you not only have taught your 1st level how to grow, but you’ve taught them how to teach others as well. Getting to 5 levels means you’ve made it and done it the right way. Now get your front line to 100 people you personally brought in. If you do this your Global Domains International income will be making a significant difference to your monthly budget. Reward yourself with an overseas trip, or buy a car for your business. You are now executive and should treat yourself like one.

7) Brag about your success.
By giving your testimony about how well you have done you will attract lots more people to you. Successful people attract people who know that by following their formula they to can share in that success. You growth will explode even further.

8) Start enjoying the financial rewards.
What’s money but to build the lifestyle you and your family want. Global Domains International rewards those affiliates who have a down line of greater than 5,000 members an infinite level – that means your levels will go down pass the five level barrier meaning big money – GDI returns up to 60% of the income earned back to successful affiliates. Impossible you say – no – I know people who have personally sponsor 800 and have a down line of 12,000 – thats 12,000 a month US recurring – 144,000 a year – thats SERIOUS income, plus the bonuses you will have earned on the way.

Whats stopping you – stop complaining about your boss, that lifestyle you can’t afford, etc, etc and do something about it – Get your freedom today.

Why you should join Global Domains International

Monday, August 20th, 2007

Why you should join Global Domains International
By: Alastair Harris

You should join Global Domains International BECAUSE:-

  • Great Income Potential
  • Affordable
  • Get the Domain name you want
  • Have your own easy to build Website
  • Great Support/Uptime
  • Easy to Promote
  • Great Income Potential
    I like the fact that it is still growing and has lots of potential to grow even further. Its back office it easy to use and gives you lots of different options to advertise – banners, movies, splash pages, business cards, DVD’s. The hit log lets you know how many visitors are watching your movies.

    I liked that it is immensely affordable. At $10 a month Global Domains International is affordable for nearly everyone.

    Get the Domain Name You Want
    Global Domains International is a provider of the dot “ws” domain name ending. Thanks to every domain name being tied into hosting deal it represents a great package deal and the greatest chance to get the domain name you are chasing.

    Easy to Build Website
    I now love the web site editor. I find it easy to use. I can quickly modify my site, add photos, article links, banners and anything else I think my site needs. Global Domains International is exactly what the average internet user requires for most online business. There are so many options for a .ws website. A family album, a niche topic or business site, a main business portal, an advertisement for your GDI business, a community group website, or a site dedicated to your favorite subject. You don’t have to be limited to the ten page website available. If you are a more knowledgeable internet user you can take advantage of the 100MB hosting package option instead

    Great Support/Uptime
    I’ve found Global Domains has great uptime. The one time I had a problem I sent off an e-mail before bed and went I woke up the problem had been fixed.

    Easy to Promote
    The professional movie displays were easy to watch and easy to understand. I like the fact that the company shares up to 60% of its revenue with its customers/agents. I like that it’s Multi-Level Marketing plan enables you to benefit up to five levels down for every person you introduce if you can help them succeed as well. This can result in explosive growth. The fact that this is a recurring monthly income means long term income.

    You should join Global Domains International BECAUSE…

    BECAUSE of these reasons you should join Global Domains International

    Success with Global Domains International

    Saturday, August 18th, 2007

    Being Successful with Global Domains International by Alastair Harris

    Global Domains International represents the easiest way for the average person to get online and have an online business.

    Being successful with Global Domains International is a lot easier than with other online business opportunities for 6 reasons.

    1) Its Cheap.
    Whereas many online ventures can run into the S100’s or even S1000’s up front, Global Domains International only costs $10 a month. Whereas get a web site done professionally normally costs the minimum of $1000 plus for a good design, Global Domains International has an inbuilt editor that allows you to avoid this cost by easily building a website yourself.

    2) Its cost effective.
    Many start up businesses even online go bankrupt after a short time because the continual outlays are more than the incoming income. With Global Domains International you don’t need a huge budget – $10 a month can be your only outlay if you wish. There are lots of free ways to advertise online and grow your business. Of course you can grow your Global Domains International Business quicker if you can afford an advertising budget, but if you can’t don’t despair you can still run your business until you get enough income to pay for an advertising budget. You Global Domains International Business is

    3) It provides most of the resources.
    Global Domains International not only provides you with a web site that you can built on any topic, monetize with Google adsense or affiliate marketing, it also provides the material you need to advertise. It provides banners, videos, splash pages and numerous links. It even provides a forum where you can seek help from other more experienced members. In fact most people involved in Global Domains International are so helpful that many have produce websites with even more banners, links and marketing suggestions, including how to get leads, and the best ways to market.

    4) Its an in demand product.
    The internet and the need for websites and domains names continues to grow. The average person doesn’t want to have to go to night school or university to learn code to build themselves a web site. In fact the average small business, community or church group for find most web designers, sites, hosting plans, etc well beyond their modest needs. For the average person Global Domains International represents the best way to quickly get a web site up and running.

    For anyone starting a home business or online business Global Domains International is a quick and cheap way to start a business.

    5) Even I’ve been successful.
    Now I am no salesman. In fact I hate going door to door. My first sales job was selling belts, combs and other such products door to door. I didn’t even last the day. By lunchtime I was in tears and could not stand one more bit of rejection. Despite this I have been successful with Global Domains International. You don’t have to be a sales person to succeed. In fact most sales people wouldn’t have the patience to give people a 7 day FREE trial and let them make up their own minds. Thats why I like it. It allow the buyer to make the decision. They can try the product first and make their own personal evaluation. I love my growing down line.

    6) I love the product.
    I love my Global Domains International Web site. Although its not a fancy as the pro.s out there it didn’t cost me $2000 either. I can add or modify it any time I want and it costs me less than an meal.

    Building your Global Domains International Website

    Thursday, August 16th, 2007

    Building your Global Domains International Website

    This article looks at why a Global Domains International Website is so easy to build using the inbuilt editor. It means almost anyone can start their business online and built their website by themselves with needing expensive web designers. Choosing Global Domains International means they have the best chance of getting domain name they want as well with a .ws ending.

    When you join up with Global Domains International through your upline sponsor one of the first things you do is choose your domain name and check out that it is free. This is important and you should spend a couple of days deciding before making the final commitment. Decide what business you are wanting to promote, or what goals you have for your website. If selling a product make the domain name something thats easy to remember and relates to your business. If your website is for personal or family use, or to promote a community group choose a domain name that is your name, or community group’s name. The choices are endless and there are still plenty of .ws domain name options available.

    Once your account is up and running – which with GDI is almost instant you are given your log in codes and URL’s to various parts of your new business and website. The various promotion pages and movies with your ID code. This code is separate from your domain name and acts as your affiliate link so anyone you bring into the program is credited to your downline.

    Another URL address gives you access to your main account. From here you can access numerous options including accessing the affiliate information – hit logs, advertising information/ material, invite program, downline list, banners and commissions log. All very easy to follow and use. Also you can enter the GDI forum here and can get advice and information from thousands of other GDI members. There are also places to choose how you are paid your commissions. Either through mailed check, paypal or bank wire and a place to choose how you will pay your $10 a month – normally through credit card with all the main ones supported – visa, mastercard, amex, diners club and discover card.

    There is also a place to set up your email, your password, and importantly a place to request support. I found the response to the one time my site experienced a problem to be very quick. I put in a support message before going to bed and by the time I woke up it was fixed. My network uptime has also been top notch with no problems.

    I have a number of businesses online, an article-directory, an ebook store and others ventures on several different hosts – blogger, godaddy and also hostmonster. Both Godaddy and hostmonster are excellent and cost effective, but both require a large amount of user knowledge and skill in order to have your website up and running. They are not for the average novice. Global Domains International websites are different in that even a novice can quickly learn to built a 10 page website thanks to the inbuilt editor or sitebuilder.

    You enter your domain through the ‘domain’ tab and then click on ‘built my website’. From there click on create new page. I find it easiest just to click this 10 times and create 10 pages. There are a number of templates and designs you can choose from, choose a theme that fits in with your aim. Next click on the edit button and the page comes up. At the bottom of the page there are three display options, Design, HTML, and Preview. Design allows easy typing in of text and importing photos. HTML is for seeing your HTML code and the easiest place to copy and paste your banner codes and affiliate codes. The preview gives a hint of how your site will look. When you click you can choose what to insert – click just blank place holder or click the options of adding HTML code – this is the easiest way then you just have to click edit. Place in a number of placeholders. If you don’t use them you can always delete them later. Remember you can only have two thousand characters per placeholder. For large pages just simply create more placeholders.

    Above the page is a number of options – very simple – font, text size, text colour, import photo (you will be required to upload the file to your gallery first – do this by simply uploading the picture file off your desktop), and a button to add URL link. These are the major buttons to build your website. Its easiest to just type your text first and then highlight the portions you want to change the size, color, bold, underline, etc.

    The add URL link button is easy to use just click and highlight the text you want to add a URL link to and a box with come up with the link – type in your link Although your website comes with tabs it can be handy to put a link to the next page at the bottom of your page (i.e. NEXT PAGE – highlight it and add a URL link – – only the ‘NEXT PAGE’ will be display but when you click on it, it will take the reader to the next page. If you want to get really fancy include page numbers and a link to each page – though this is more time consuming to do and I want my visitors to go from page to page in a specific order).

    Within the editor you can also edit the ‘properties’ and ‘additional properties’ of the page. This includes title, page title, meta tags, and page description – all of which helps with search engine optimisation.


    Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

    Welcome to Global Domains International Tips

    If you would like to place your links here, please link to us using the information below, then input your page URL where you placed our links in the “Reiprocal URL” box below. Our script will automatically detect the links and will activate your links in this page. We only accept relevant links to Global Domains International Tips and other links will be rejected. Thank You for visiting.

    Title: Global Domains International Tips
    Description: GDI Members revealing the truth about Global Domains International Inc, reviews, experiences and tips on marketing GDI ws.

    Learn about the GDI movies.

    Friday, August 10th, 2007

    Learning more about Global Domains International: the GDI movies.
    By: Alastair Harris

    Global Domains International is a company that has the right to the top level .ws domain names. This is combined with a hosting package with inbuilt site editor, templates, email addresses and more. Many people just join Global Domains International for the GDI website (the product/service) alone.

    Others however join for the business opportunity. Every person, group, business you introduce to Global Domains International mean another $1 each month recurring for you. The real power in the network system is then every person they introduce means another $1 for you, every month recurring, down to five levels and if you have 5000 down line members – to infinity. This means 60% of revenue is returned to you. In fact if you add in bonuses the return can be even higher. There are people earning a 6 figure income from GDI.

    The main way people grow their Global Domains International business is to invite people to view the 7 minute movie on GDI which explains what the business opportunity is all about. Its best viewed on the internet with a high speed connection like broadband or better. The movie is “income for life”.

    Affiliates brand the movie by adding their username – so the URL looks like

    The movie outlines the business opportunity, the power of duplication and ‘sales’ pitch. The movie goes on to talk about the integrity of the company – its huge growth rate – 37th fastest growing company, the huge growth in the internet, the requirement for domain names and the growing demand for personal websites for personal use, small business, resumes, clubs, churches, temples, sporting groups and more. It then explains what a domain address/name is and that GDI has the rights to the .ws domain endings (rebranded as website). Why you should start straight away – so you don’t miss the growing internet wave. It then explains the cost – $10 a month and the way you make money.

    Some people like the first movie but still have further questions. There is also a 25 minute presentation. Originally created as a giveaway DVD for marketing purpose the 25 minute presentation is now online.

    The URL for affiliate is

    This presentation goes into more details and gives some personal testimonies from people who are already successful with Global Domains International.

    GDI -Join an International Global Commmunity

    Wednesday, August 8th, 2007

    Join Global Domains International and you join an International Global Commmunity

    by: Alastair Harris

    One of the great things about joining Global Domains International it that it is a true reflection of its name. The opportunity to grow your business is truly global. Why limit your business to just one country? With GDI you can create a multi-national company. In growing a down line I have partners in Ireland, Argentina, England and the U.S.A and I’m based in Australia. The potential for GDI is billions of potential customers around the world.

    Global Domains International makes this even easier by having splash pages with multiple languages – from Spanish to Chinese. This means although you may be multi-lingually challenged your business doesn’t have to be. The video can be displayed in a language that the viewer prefers meaning you are not limited just to the English speaking world.

    In fact I would argue that a person on a small tropical Island in the Caribbean, or the Pacific would be not worse off then anyone else so long as the have a computer and an internet connection – in fact sipping cocktails on the beach is exactly where I would prefer to be running an online business.

    Don’t limit your online business to just your country – take on a truly multi-national opportunity.

    GDI – Additional Domain Name Extensions Now Available

    Wednesday, August 1st, 2007

    Additional Domain Name Extensions Now Available

    As part of its continual improvements and meeting customer’s needs, Global Domains International has made a change. Customers now have the ability to choose and register domains with extensions other than .ws . People can now choose from a variety of endings, including .com, .net, .org, and .biz to name a few.

    The new feature is located along the left side bar

    Global Domains International further announced:-
    No, we are not abandoning .WS domains. We are the one and only official registry for all .WS domains on the planet, and we have a special place in our hearts for our .WS offering. At the same time, we realize not everyone wants to be tied to using a .WS domain. Now people who have been resistant to getting a domain no longer have this limitation.

    Additionally, many people want to be able to secure their domain in several available extensions to help protect their online presence. Previously, customers wanting to do this were forced to register their .WS domain with us, but go somewhere else to secure the same domain with other extensions. Now our customers can register all their domains regardless of extension from within their account with us.

    Stay tuned for more exciting improvements from Global Domains International coming soon!