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New GDI Blog & Photo Album

Global Domains International New Blog & Photo Album Site Builder GDI has just added the option plugin to add a blog or photo album using the simple site builder if you prefer to build a simple blog or photo album rather than a complete website. This is a good option for those new to the [...]

Get Leads in Twitter with Tweet Attacks

This is truly a remarkable and powerful Twitter marketing software that has just been released and it can increase your GDI sign ups exponentially. There is no doubt how BIG Twitter is and how many marketers have made use of this social media to make money online. Just imagine…. When someone Tweets “I want an [...]

GDI PayPal Preferred Payment & Commissions

PayPal as preferred Payment in GDI WS Domains Global Domains International Inc provides you with the option to pay through PayPal and even received your commissions to PayPal. This is very convenient for online marketers to sign up and earn online income with GDI since PayPal is widely used and accepted online. PayPal is owned [...]

No Credit Card Use PayPal

For those who do not have a credit card to sign up with GDI You may sign up for a PayPal account and top up moneyCheck Pay via Bank Transfer (only applicable for some countries that PayPal has alliance with). Check PayPal website for more information. PayPal is a widely used online payment system that [...]

Winning GDI Lottery

Winning the GDI Lottery from GDI Premium Bonus Global Domains International Inc – GDI recently launched the new premium member service known as GDI Premium. It is an option upgrade from the standard GDI membership with many extra bonus and features that has been discussed in our post on GDI Premium and GDI Premium Review [...]

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