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Drive Traffic to your GDI websites

Download this Social Marketing Report for FREE Since Global Domains International has already provided you with products/system and ready made websites, the only thing you need to do is drive traffic to your website. Hence, I am providing you with resources on how to drive traffic to your GDI websites to increase your site exposure [...]


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Download Blog Finder

Download My Free Copy of BOB BlogFinder Global Domains International has already provided the product and website, the only thing that GDI members need to do is to get traffic to the provided GDI website. Utilizing other websites traffic is one way to get traffic to your GDI website for visitors to watch the GDI [...]

The Secret Quotes

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Here are some more good quotes from The Secret. Hope you like them: No Matter How Impossible It May Seem… If I Believe and Know, It IS Mine…”: If you have not watched the previous quotes watch them below: Feel The Love, The Joy and Abundance… “: video source: The Science of Getting Rich

GDI Roadmap for the New Year

Hello GDI affiliates, Whether you are purely a customer using our products and services, or also an affiliate promoting them, we have an incredibly exciting year in store for you! 2007 proved to be another milestone year for Global Domains International. 2006 was previously our best year ever in terms of revenue and profit, and [...]

GDI Pays through Paypal

Global Domains International can pay you through cheque ( check) or Paypal. Personally, I choose to receive my GDI payment through Paypal which can be done instantly so that there is no waiting for cheque to arrive or to clear at Banks. From Paypal, money can also be transferred to your Bank Accounts easily. From [...]

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