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GDI Scam? Global Domains International Cheque

Many people are searching online if Global Domains International is a Scam? Check out another recent GDI cheque paid to GDI member in October 2007. Mind you not many people will show their cheque online for many reasons especially those large cheques! You can see many performing members in the leaderboard – weekly GDI contest [...]

GDI Tips – Business Cards

GDI Tips – Business Cards One thing I learned from the seminar audio of the 12 month millionaire is that when you do online marketing, you must never forget about offline marketing as well. This is especially true for Global Domains International. Why is that? Because, there are many people in this world who have [...]

GDI Tips – refer testimonial site

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Global Domains International Tips – refer to testimonial site Why not refer your your prospects to Global Domains International Testimonial website? If you use your link below, the order button will have your  name embedded. Try it! The GDI testimonial URL:

GDI Tips – Build Your own website

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GDI Tips – Build your own Websites for FREE Here is another tip for your Global Domains International venture. GDI has actually provided you with 4 ready made websites ( samples found on the right bar ) but if you want to go further like building your own, you can actually use the site builder [...]

How to avoid Scam – GDI not Scam

How to avoid Scam – GDI not Scam There are many concerns of scams online. A quick keyword research shows about 7000 search on “scams” every month in yahoo and ” Global Domains International Scam ” is one of the searches. Personally, I havent been scammed online before and I have no worries about that [...]

Download Free SEO Software

Download Free SEO software The key to success for a web site is good search engine ranking. All of the major search engines use link popularity to determine how well a site will rank – so the more high quality, relevant links that lead to your site, the higher it will rank. LinkMachine makes it [...]

GDI Tips DVD movie at home

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Global Domains International Tips: Here’s one of my GDI tips: Post your own testimonial and tips in this site or even at GDI’s own Testimonial site. Look out for more tips from over 1179 testimonials in Global Domains International Testimonial website! Here’s one I got from one of the testimonials: Promotional Tip: Have a [...]

Global Domains International Tips on YouTube

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Global Domains International Tips on YouTube Did you watch our GDI Tips video in Youtube? That is one traffic source that members are able to receive free traffic if you are know how to upload videos to youtube. It is actually quite simple if you already have a video file on hand that you take [...]

Another GDI WS website

Another Global Domains International WS website for you to use: Here is another GDI website for you to use to promote your GDI.  It has a video introduction that autoplays as visitors enter your website. Different from the GDI DVD version. This video presentation is much shorter and is more of an introduction. Check it [...]

Join GDI Here

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Bravo, Bobby. This is really a site we have been waiting for. Thanks for the great job. For those who would like to earn fortunes from home, you have to see this. Join Global Domain International by visiting this link here. Or read more at Global Domain International website. You can contact me by email [...]

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